Passion Play
by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Trevor Biship
OPEN CALL: Monday, January 27 at 7:00pm
Tuesday, January 28 at 7:00pm
    To make an audition appointment for a later time slot, send your headshot & resume to by January 24.
LOCATION: Chance rehearsal space
883 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805
Click here for directions
PREPARE: Sides will be provided at general auditions, and will be available on the website the week of January 20
BRING: Headshot and resume.
REHEARSALS: Begin March 3. Weekday evenings and weekends.
PAY RATE: $75 per performance week
PERFORMANCES: April 25 - June 1, 2014
Friday and Saturday 8pm; Sunday 2pm
SYNOPSIS: Orange County Premiere!
Cities across the Western world have restaged the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for entertainment, community building, and political agenda. Two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Sarah Ruhl dramatizes the complicated history of the Passion play, humorously and provocatively depicting productions in different historical periods � Elizabethan England, Nazi Germany and Vietnam-era America.
Parts are available for 2 women and 7 men. The director is seeking a multi-racial cast for this epic three-part trilogy. Brief descriptions are given, but all actors are strongly encouraged to read the play and be aware of the requirements and subtleties of Ruhl�s characters. All actors play roles in all three plays.
Pontius the Fish Gutter :
20’s to 30’s.  The actor also plays Pontius Pilate and Satan; a German Foot Soldier; and P, a Vietnam War Vet.  He is wounded and mysterious, quietly raging.  He yearns to be better, but is jealous of John.
John the Fisherman :
20’s to 30’s.  The actor also plays Jesus and Adam; Eric, a German actor who questions his sexuality; and J, P’s brother.   He is attractive and warm, the perfect child.  He constantly questions why he is asked to be Jesus.
Mary 1 :
20’s to 30’s. This actress also plays the Virgin Mary and Eve; Elsa, a German actress; and Mary, P’s wife.  She is dangerous and boundary-breaking, but seen as the perfect and beautiful Virgin.
Mary 2 :
20’s to 40’s.  This actress also plays Mary Magdalen; Eric’s serious and grieving brother; and Mary’s sister.  She is an overachiever, but seen as the whore to Mary 1’s Madonna.  Looking for an actress with strong comic timing.
Visiting Friar :
20’s to 50’s.  This actor plays a friar hiding in a newly Protestant England, a visiting theatre scholar studying the Oberammergau Passion in Germany, and a psychiatrist in a VA hospital.
Carpenter 1 :
20’s to 30’s. This actor also plays Johann, a German actor; a bird; and a young Director of the Spearfish, South Dakota Passion. Looking for an actor with strong comic timing.
Carpenter 2 :
20’s to 30’s. This actor also plays Ludwig, a German actor, and various ensemble roles. Looking for an actor with strong comic timing.
Director :
30’s to 50’s. This actor plays three different directors of the Passion in three different periods
Machinist :
20’s to 30’s.  This actor also plays an Emperor; a German Officer; a Special Effects director, and various ensemble roles.
NOTE: The roles of Village Idiot/Violet and Queen Elizabeth/Hitler/President Reagan have been cast.
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