Passion Play
by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Trevor Biship
OPEN CALL: Monday, January 27 at 7:00pm
Tuesday, January 28 at 7:00pm
    To make an audition appointment for a later time slot, send your headshot & resume to by January 24.
LOCATION: Chance rehearsal space
883 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805
Click here for directions
PREPARE: Sides will be provided at general auditions, and will be available on the website the week of January 20
BRING: Headshot and resume.
REHEARSALS: Begin March 3. Weekday evenings and weekends.
PAY RATE: $75 per performance week
PERFORMANCES: April 25 - June 1, 2014
Friday and Saturday 8pm; Sunday 2pm
SYNOPSIS: Orange County Premiere!
Cities across the Western world have restaged the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for entertainment, community building, and political agenda. Two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Sarah Ruhl dramatizes the complicated history of the Passion play, humorously and provocatively depicting productions in different historical periods ? Elizabethan England, Nazi Germany and Vietnam-era America.
Parts are available for 2 women and 7 men. The director is seeking a multi-racial cast for this epic three-part trilogy. Brief descriptions are given, but all actors are strongly encouraged to read the play and be aware of the requirements and subtleties of Ruhl?s characters. All actors play roles in all three plays.
Pontius the Fish Gutter :
20’s to 30’s.  The actor also plays Pontius Pilate and Satan; a German Foot Soldier; and P, a Vietnam War Vet.  He is wounded and mysterious, quietly raging.  He yearns to be better, but is jealous of John.
John the Fisherman :
20’s to 30’s.  The actor also plays Jesus and Adam; Eric, a German actor who questions his sexuality; and J, P’s brother.   He is attractive and warm, the perfect child.  He constantly questions why he is asked to be Jesus.
Mary 1 :
20’s to 30’s. This actress also plays the Virgin Mary and Eve; Elsa, a German actress; and Mary, P’s wife.  She is dangerous and boundary-breaking, but seen as the perfect and beautiful Virgin.
Mary 2 :
20’s to 40’s.  This actress also plays Mary Magdalen; Eric’s serious and grieving brother; and Mary’s sister.  She is an overachiever, but seen as the whore to Mary 1’s Madonna.  Looking for an actress with strong comic timing.
Visiting Friar :
20’s to 50’s.  This actor plays a friar hiding in a newly Protestant England, a visiting theatre scholar studying the Oberammergau Passion in Germany, and a psychiatrist in a VA hospital.
Carpenter 1 :
20’s to 30’s. This actor also plays Johann, a German actor; a bird; and a young Director of the Spearfish, South Dakota Passion. Looking for an actor with strong comic timing.
Carpenter 2 :
20’s to 30’s. This actor also plays Ludwig, a German actor, and various ensemble roles. Looking for an actor with strong comic timing.
Director :
30’s to 50’s. This actor plays three different directors of the Passion in three different periods
Machinist :
20’s to 30’s.  This actor also plays an Emperor; a German Officer; a Special Effects director, and various ensemble roles.
NOTE: The roles of Village Idiot/Violet and Queen Elizabeth/Hitler/President Reagan have been cast.
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