August 2017
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Aug 11 Rally for Safe Streets
Is Atlanta a City on the Verge?
Atlanta on the Move: Sept 19 forum
August 11: A Rally for Safe Streets
July was a deadly month for people on foot in the Atlanta region. 

Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of Baraka Sentmore, Gerald Dent, James Johnson and Janet Pickney, all of whom lost their lives while walking here. 

July 2017 victims

Innocent victims (left to right): Baraka Sentmore; Gerald Dent; Covington Highway, where James Johnson was struck; Janet Pickney (Credits to,

Their loss of life was tragic. But the brutal crashes were also predictable and preventable.

Baraka Sentmore, a mother of four, was killed July 11 while s tanding on a small refuge island at the intersection of Piedmont Road and Morosgo Drive. She worked at the nearby Kroger and was struck while waiting to cross Piedmont to get to work. Island at Piedmont _ Morosgo intersection
The island where Baraka Sentmore was struck  is tiny and offers almost no protection.

Less than two weeks later, three people were killed while walking in DeKalb County.

Gerald Dent, 23 and an aspiring rapper, lost his life while walking on the sidewalk to get home from a performance. After striking him, the driver fled the scene.

The same day, James Johnson was struck while walking in the road on Covington Highway, one of the 15 most deadly roads for people who walk in Georgia.

Two days later, a DeKalb police officer swerved to avoid another car before hitting Janet Pickney in a crosswalk and then slamming into a home. She was rushed to Grady Hospital, but died that evening.  

Safety doesn't happen by accident. 

Elected officials and transportation professionals say that safety is their top priority. Yet actions speak louder than words.  

The tragic crashes ended the lives of four people and scarred the lives of their loved ones forever. They're also symptoms of a region that invests far too little in pedestrian safety improvements.
Please join us on August 11 to urge transportation agencies to fund and implement safety improvements now. Safety can't wait.

A Rally for Safe Streets
August 11, 9 - 10 AM
(SW corner of intersection with Morosgo Drive)

August 28, 6 PM: A conversation with author Mark Pendergast
Is Atlanta a city on the verge of tremendous rebirth? Or inexorable decline?  City on the Verge book cover

Join us on August 28 to hear from author Mark Pendergrast, who spent several years studying the BeltLine and other areas in the Atlanta region, and to share your thoughts on the subject.

Monday, Aug 28,   6:30 - 7:30 PM
Condessa Coffee
(Bus routes 3 and 16 both stop here.)

Mark will be available to sign books. He may run out before he meets with us, so if you'd like him to sign a book for you, we recommend purchasing one in advance.

Atlanta on the Move: Sept 19 Mayoral Forum 
PEDS, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Citizens for Progressive Transit and other advocacy groups are eager to increase transportation choices in Atlanta. Together, we're providing a forum that enables you to hear from mayoral candidates. 
  • What would each candidate do to make streets safe for people walking, biking, or catching a bus? 
  • What transportation-related ideas do they have to keep Atlanta affordable? 
  • Which transportation investments will they prioritize? 
These and other questions (including some submitted by you!) will be put to the candidates. Expect a lively discussion and an informative evening.

Tuesday, Sept. 19,  6 - 9 PM
Loudermilk Center
close to Five Points, Peachtree Center and Georgia State MARTA stations

Free and open to all. Register now.

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