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Oooh, Aaah, Oh
Fragrance Line

ala moana

Oooh: pomegranate & graperfruit
Oooh... the lovely taste of sweet pomegranate and tangy grapefruit combined. Such a delight

Aaah: verbena & jasmine
Wander through a meadow after a light rain and inhale the fresh fragrance of verbena and wild roses. Aaah............

Oh: sandalwood & frankinsence
Be whisked away on a magic carpet to the land of 1001 nights with our exotic blend of sandalwood, frankincense and musk. It will sing to your soul

balyhu bath & body

fragrance lines:

ala moana

Oooh: pomegranate & graperfruit

Aaah: verbena & jasmine

Oh: sandalwood & frankinsence

elemental yin

leaf: basil & lemon
: lemon & freesia
breath: citrus & eucalyptus
light: ylang ylang & sweet pea

elemental yang

wood: spruce, sage & marjoram

water: bergamot & honeysuckle

air: geranium, sage & neroli

earth: lavender & chamomile


spring: lavender & geranium

summer: cranberry & pine

fall: juniper & mint

winter: vanilla &musk


anuhea: pineapple & cilantro

kaipo: coconut & vanilla

hau´┐Żli: citrus grove

balyhu bath & body
is committed to creating fabulous products made with the highest quality ingredients, designed to pamper, nurture and nourish

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Hi all:

Lots happening this month...

The month of August brings in heat and harvest times. A time to be extra diligent about the care of your body. Drink lots of fluids, eat well and remember to hydrate your skin. My new silky lotion is incredible for hydration. It soaks in fast and doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling.

THE WEBSITE WORKS!!! www.balyhu.com Dez, my incredibly masterful and talented graphic artist, has been working hard to create my website, and is doing an amazing job at it. It is in operational phase while she goes on a much deserved vacation.

I will have an actual shopping cart in place shortly. In the meantime...
To order, click on the link to email me elise@balyhu.com and send me your order along with physical address, phone number and credit card information.
I will reply within 48 hours with total plus shipping, and you'll receive your fabulous products within 2 weeks. All information is SECURE!!!

My lotions, scrubs and body/massage oils are now ready and available in all scents.
They will be up on the website along with the rest of my products by the time you get this newsletter!!!!

Bath/massage oil: 100% Organic. This delicious Bath and Body Oil is perfect for dry skin. It can be added to the bath for a nutrient rich bath for normal to dry skin. It also makes a great after bath oil which should be applied after a bath or shower to wet skin and allowed to air dry.

Lotion: 87% Organic, This premium creme is first class all the way. It combines hydrolyzed silk and rich oils. It will leave your skin silky smooth.

Salt Scrubs: 100% Organic. Revitalize your skin with the minerals found at extraordinary levels in Dead Sea Salts. Dead Sea Salt has been used in beauty treatments for thousands of years with amazing results. Cleopatra and the Queen of Shebah used the power of the therapeutic minerals found in the Dead Sea regularly for beauty and revitalizing treatments.

Exciting news, I just completed The Ala Moana line.
Oooh: pomegranate, grapefruit with a berry twist
Aaah: verbena, rose and jasmine
Oh: sandalwood, frankincense, and musk.
All incredible and delightful scents.

We believe

in leaving the smallest footprint possible on Earth. Therefore buy any size bath salts and when you are finished with them return the empty container & receive a 10% discount on your next purchase of $25.00 or more.

We believe

our actions, products and services should always embody Excellence.

We believe

in treating ourselves, each other and the earth with Care and Respect.

We believe

inEarth Friendly products.

We believe

in maintaining theQuality and Integrity of each product by only using top quality ingredients made in small batches.

Products available in ALL four fragrance lines

8 oz. bath salts $12.00
2 for $20.00

16 oz. bath salts $16.50
2 for $30.00
8 oz. salt scrubs $16.00
16 oz. salt scrubs $22.00
4 oz. massage oil $12.00
8 oz. lotion $19.00
single shot bath teas $4.00
4 oz. reed diffuser kit (with gift box & reeds) $27.00
8 ml. perfume oil $7.00
air fresheners (in organza bags) $9.00
2 for $15.00

shipping will be calculated for each order
to order go to www.balyhu.com
Here's a photo of what I do when I'm not mixing oils. I volunteer at The Marine Mammal Center rehabilitating injured seals and seal lions. This little girl "Ellen" was born and then abandoned under a pier. She was only 6 days old when this photo was taken. She now resides at Discovery Park, Six Flags in Vallejo, CA

So here's to all of you and all your wonderful adventures. Each and every one of you is amazing, talented and blessed. Please stay in touch with me. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome. I look forward to hearing from you

Elise DuFour
balyhu bath & body
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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

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