June 2011 




Hello and can you believe we are midway through August already?!  For me, the summer is going by fast and thankfully I have been enjoying every minute of it.    


My apologies for this newsletter coming to you a little late in the month.  So many experiences to choose from for the feature content.


In this newsletter you will find the events that I will be attending, my monthly insight as well as my thoughts about keeping things in perspective





Blessings and gratitude,



Keeping Things in Perspective 


Whether you are a CEO, Entrepreneur, individual contributor to an organization or family, keeping things in perspective can be a challenge but is absolutely necessary.



I am not only speaking about considering the "big picture", "the grand scheme of things" or "on your death bed will it really matter", I am talking about coming from the perspective of your values...in ALL that you do.



I recently presented this idea to a mastermind group and the feedback was amazing.  The members of the group said that looking at things from their values point of view was a great concept that they could really see helping them with sales, managing their schedules and all other areas of their business and personal life.  As each member spoke, there was a true sense of relief that they could see how approaching all things from the perspective of values would make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

As an accredited and COACHU trained coach, living from your values is at the core of my coaching. Be it executives or entrepreneurs, I always support my clients in aligning their business actions and way of being with their values.

While my clients usually "get it" right off the bat, the work oftentimes  starts with defining their values or re-defining them, and then moves to aligning thoughts and actions with them. Not just one time, but day after day, week after week until it is ingrained and truly a way of BEING.

It is such gratifying work to support someone moving from "should" based actions ("As his director I know I should address this challenging employee but he is well respected for his technical ability it's not critical at this moment) to a values based way of being ("As I director I value every member on my team and therefore I will address this potential situation now by having a courageous conversation with the challenging employee in support of the whole team").

My values are connecting, encouraging, inspiring, influencing, and family and every time I operate from a values perspective things run much more smoothly and I find a greater amount of joy!

Have you defined your values?  And if so, are you operating your business and living from a values based perspective?

If you are interested in defining or redefining your values, contact me at kim@kimlmiles.com for a list of values to serve as a starting point.


Monthly Insights:

TargetAs I am further developing my business it is easy to lose sight of the long term goals and vision because I am working on the details and focusing on implementation.  Being able to wear the appropriate hat at the appropriate time can be tricky.


I have found it effective to look at times of day, week or month that I am most creative and able to see the big picture, the vision of my business.  These are the times when it's good for me to be doing the business development activities where I will be engaging with others and sharing my vision.


There are also those times when I am able to be very detail oriented and in action mode.  I capitalize on those times and get work done!  I am implementing like a mad woman and it is very effective. 


Finally, one of the most important times to schedule is down time.  This is the time where I am able to get grounded and re-energized.  This sometimes is the most important time of all because I am able to clear my mind and life of the toleration's that don't serve me well so I can move forward with my strategy based and tactical actions. 


What are your prime times for thinking strategically, tactically and re-energize??

Issue: 3 
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month: 

 "To accomplish great things, but also dream, not only plan but also believe"  

-Anatole France  


Featured Business: 

Euan Graham - Realtor

8z Real Estate 




I met Euan Graham through a dear friend of mine and have been impressed at his consistent integrity, value based approach to Real Estate as well as partnering with other business owners.  Euan and I have become friends based on our common mission to provide integrity based, excellent service.   


As a Realtor, Euan has had much success this year completing 20 transactions already!  The average time Euan's clients have their home on the market is 12 days - which speaks volumes to the fact that Euan works for his clients to get their property SOLD not just listed.


Euan works with first time home buyers or buyers who want to be educated on the important details and what to expect when buying a house.  He provides complete support to his clients through the whole process and is a reference point at every stage during and after the transaction.  


Sign up here for Euan's newsletter where he discusses market trends and gives a snapshot of the market in specific locations in the Denver Metro area.


Euan is a trusted business associate and friend whom I highly recommend. 


Featured Book: 


Working for Peanuts  

The Project Linus Story

by Karen Loucks Rinedollar

Project Linus has been featured on "Oprah", "The Today Show", "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams", "Simply Quilts", "The Rosie O'Donnell Show", gameshows "Jeopardy" and "Cash Cab"and highlighted in Parade, People, Family Circle, Reader's Digest and many more magazines, newspapers and television shows.


Purchase Working for Peanuts here or at Amazon.com.


Events in August:

Aurora/Parker Business Luncheon  

Wednesday August 17, 11:30amGuaranty Bank, 18999 East Main St. Parker CO 80134

Women, Wisdom & Wealth 

Tuesday August 23, 11:30am, Tower 1, 2000 S. Colorado Blvd, 3rd Floor Event Room, Denver, CO

Open House With Style 

Thursday August 25th, 6:00 - 8:00pm, 27371 E. Lakeview Drive, Aurora, CO 80016

SWE Downtown Denver Networking Night 

Tuesday August 30th, 5:30 - 7:30pm, Falling Rock Tap House, Denver CO

How Money Works

August 30, 6:30 PM

CHAD's Grill

275 Union Blvd, Lakewood  80228

RSVP to Lynn Reid, 303-904-8500 x 102 or




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