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August 2015

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How do I get my Plans to Happen?
Salubrious September
Seven Steps to Your Inner Temple...
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Celebrating Greatness
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How Do I Get My Plans To Happen?
OK.  So you've got all these great plans, dreams, visions, intentions.  That was the focus of the last Awakenings editorial.  It's wonderful that you have the intention.  Now what?  How on earth is this going to show up as something different in your life?  

So often good intentions fall flat on their face.  Just think of the last New Year's resolutions you, or your friends, made.  What happened?   Chances are a few weeks later, the old pattern that you wanted to change has reappeared.  How come?  SURELY setting the intention should generate the momentum to get you to the finishing line!   It's JUST NOT FAIR!!

I say the problem is in not understanding what lies ahead whenever you make your great plans.  Without that knowing, you can imagine that it's going to be a piece of cake.  Not so.  It takes work and ENERGY.    So, how are you going to work with this?   Here are some tips:
  1. Make sure you've got the energy to change.  As a doctor, I often saw people pledging to give up smoking when they were most depleted - and they usually failed.   I say don't be na├»ve about this - it WILL take energy.  What do YOU need for more energy?  More rest; perhaps a detox; drinking more water and less coffee and alcohol; more exercise?
  2. Start small.   One of the first challenges you'll face is inertia.   You have to build up a head of steam, momentum, to sustain you for the journey.   Break down the dream into small steps so you can FEEL the joy of achievement of a small step rather than setting your sights too high at the start and stumbling.   As the iconic Australian song states, "from little things, big things grow".
  3. Recognise there's ALWAYS risk involved.   Even if this plan seems like the perfect one for you, you'll face inner resistance in addition to inertia.  This shows up as fear.  There is a part of you known as the Risk Manager who wants to guarantee your safety through keeping you from taking risks.   Your plan will call for you to take a risk.  Ask yourself - what's at risk to follow through my intention?  What's at risk if I don't?  
  4. Get support.   Having a group of people supporting you as you enact your intention is vital.  Share your dream with them.  They may have helpful ideas AND the main point is to assist you in overcoming the inertia and fear of following through on a new direction.  This is what makes support groups like Weight Watchers so successful.  Recognise this; face any embarrassment you may feel about asking for help and build a group who want the best for you.
  5. Don't expect too much too soon.   Trees that grow too quickly are unbalanced and fall over.   Recognise that for genuine, sustainable, long term change to occur, small steps maintained over time are by far the most effective.  Aim for the stars, yes, AND be willing to take the small step and celebrate THAT achievement - before the next small step and the next achievement.  The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. 
I know this approach has made a huge difference in my life.   Give these a go and see what happens! 
Here's to the ease in Life
Andrew Horwood   
Love & blessings
Andrew Horwood | Program Director at Riverdell 

SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER  ('salubrious' - definition: favourable to health of mind or body)
We have some wonderful programs to support & nurture you this month.  Don't miss out!  Access our online calendar  here.  
Sunday Mornings
Sunday September 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th.  Chanting at 9.30am, Presentation & Morning tea 10am-12 noon
A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a refreshing morning tea.  All welcome.  Find out more  here.
Stillpoint Meditation
Wednesday September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th.  9.30-11.00am  Fee: $7.00 per session
Deepen your experience of meditation, and discover inner peace, assurance and serenity.  All welcome and no prior experience necessary.   Click  here for more information.
Just Be
Saturday 5th September 12.45 - 5.00pm
Fee $20;  FREE to newcomers
Join us for this half day of silence as you discover and commune with your inner essence. Click here for more information.

7 Steps to your Inner Temple
7 week series, Thursday evenings, commencing Sept 10th, 7.00 - 8.30pm.
EARLY BIRD $75 if paid in full by Sept 4th, 
Full Fee $150
Are you looking for a deeper place to unwind and  re-calibrate  during the week?  Do you want to journey with a small group and experience new insights and awareness for living life?  Are you longing for a place of stillness amidst the busyness of your life?  Are you ready for a more intimate relationship with yourself?  The 7 Steps evening meditation series is for you! Click here  for more information.

Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles
Wednesday, Sept 23rd.  7 - 8.30pm
Fee: By donation
A creative time of reflection, ritual and meditation, aligning with the energies of the Spring Equinox.
Where in times past, our ancestors celebrated the arrival of spring with abundance of Life's new growth showing up everywhere and longer and warmer days.  A time of moving from the sluggishness of winter toward the activity of summer. Click here  for more information.

Seven Steps to Your Inner Temple
7 week meditation series 
Thursday evenings Sept 10th - to Oct 22nd,   
7.00 - 8.30pm 
Great Early Bird saving -$75 if paid in full by Sept 4th

Are you ready to have an intimate and loving relationship with yourself?  Are you searching for new ways of living that will bring greater peace, harmony and clarity?  

Embark on this powerful 7 week meditation journey of discovery back to yourself.  Each week we will meditate on a quality that is designed to connect you with your inner greatness and light.  When you change your inner world, your outer world reflects those changes back to you.

Our experienced meditation facilitator Cynthia Helbig, supported by Jewels Bolland, will share new insights and meditations with you each week.  Even if you have attended this series before, this is an opportunity to more deeply understand and appreciate the qualities.   To further enhance the power of this series, it will be a closed group and participants must attend the first evening session if they wish to be part of this journey. 
For more information and to register click  here

You Tube of the Month - The Beauty of Riverdell this Winter




Using Creative Intention in Your Life
Some of the comments from our recent workshop titled Using Creative Intention in your Life.

What was your greatest learning?
  • To know that anything is possible.
  • To be clear on what I want & how to overcome doubt by asking questions
  • Asking for help is one of the greatest of resources
  • Attention follows intention
How is your life going to change?
  • I feel stronger in my sense of intention & have less doubt
  • I will stop doing nothing & putting everything off. I will focus on intention & push forward with it.
  • It will empower me to be clear with my intentions, to move forward & believe in myself. I feel empowered, it's OK to be me :-)
What would you say to a friend about this workshop?
  • Informative, lovely atmosphere, worthwhile doing
  • Well worthwhile, it helped settle my noisy thinking.
  • If you want to start something new, that looks too hard, give this a go.

Celebrating Greatness  
In this edition we continue our series of 'Celebrating Greatness', sharing the greatness of "ordinary" people who are opening up to new possibilities and to being leaders in their own lives.
This month Cynthia Helbig shares her thoughts and insights.   

Recently I went on a 5 week holiday and it wasn't the kind of holiday I would have chosen for myself these days.  It involved a lot of camping, red dirt, rocks and corrugated road.

I decided to go because my children asked me to go on this trip with them, but I also believe there was something deeper at play.  The Universe was conspiring, through my children's invitation, to gift me an experience that would support deeper changes in my life.

After the trip was over and I returned to work a wise friend and mentor asked me "What can you now see with new eyes?"  I was grateful for that 'loaded' question and the opportunity to review my holiday.

There were some more obvious awareness's.  Having been disconnected from technology for a large part of the trip, I really noticed how my energy dropped when I returned to the media world.  An 'ah ha' moment and something to work with creatively.    I also can see my family with new eyes and I am incredibly proud and deeply grateful that they are 'my' family and that I've had this time of connection with them.  And for the briefest of times on my return I had a glimpse into the true shining spirit of the people around me, softening my human judgements and reducing my feelings of separation. 

Yet my greatest insight was how deeply I was touched by the healing power of the stunning gorges I visited.  I chose to swim at every opportunity in the crystal clear, cold, deep pools, surrounded by massive rocks and often fed by cascading waterfalls.   I stayed in the cold water for lengthy periods as I floated, swam and enjoyed the pristine energies.  Sometimes I swam alone which greatly intensified the experience for me.  It was a "baptism" of sorts that not only healed and restored my energies, but aligned me once again with Truth and with the healing power of Grace.

In many ways this trip was a metaphor for my life.  Bumps and corrugations, rocks and potholes everywhere. Yet by staying fully present and focused, without making up any stories or judgements about situations, the road of Life continues to unfold perfectly for my journey, and along the way I am freely offered Grace's abundant energies of beauty and love.

Poem of the Month
by Vicki Edwards

Psalm to the Wonderful One Within

Great Mystery from whom All flows,
I come and go forth each moment
by breath rises and falls,
bellows my lungs in and out,
a rhythm, a tone of your desiring.
Great Spirit you take me on pathways
leading deep, deep into my Soul.
who sings her song replying.
I come and go forth each moment
from your embrace.
Behold when I speak
Your words fall from between my lips.
I move and it is you who persuaded me
Souls plunged Now and Now
and Now.
I am flow
I am water river
mountain stream
I am tree
and deer
and wombat asleep in my burrow
I am Sun
and starry night
mounded Mother Earth as she stirs.
Always stirring, birthing my breath.
All this is so because I am loved by you.

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