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August 2017 Discovery Navigator
View from the Pew
Across the month of July I got to sit in the pew.  Instead of being "up front" for 5 Sundays, I got to be a worshiper.

Now I didn't have to worship at Discovery any of those Sundays, but it worked out that I could most Sundays and so I did.

I truly appreciated all the worship leadership:  Sally, the Nicaraguan group, Mary Ann.  And thank you to the liturgists, deacons, musicians and special music providers.  And thank you to all the summer worshipers!  You are amazing!

I enjoyed sitting with you guys and my family and some visiting friends from out of town.  I loved sitting behind Leah and Jacob on that first Sunday before they retired to the nursery.  I enjoyed sitting at various spots in the sanctuary and appreciated the different views out that big, wonderful sanctuary window.

It was good to charge my battery and not have to think about sermon and worship preparation.  Each Saturday night I did something fun - something I really can't do otherwise because I'm usually getting ready for Sunday.

One of our Session goals this year was "Sabbath."  We knew that Discovery would probably need a break after our big building project. I'm glad I had a chance to embody this goal.  

And with Sabbath and worship we truly do get a new view!   When we are not so engrossed in our work perhaps God's Holy Spirit has a special opportunity to move in on us.  We realize it's not about us and our efforts.  It's about a God who is here to nourish us and guide us and nudge us toward places and matters that before we had not considered.

I'm feeling extra open as we head into the fall.  I'm excited about new ministries here at Discovery this fall.  I hope that each one of you had an experience of renewal this summer.  Together may our experiences of renewal help us deepen our trust in God and see out God's big window of possibilities.  In Christ's Love,  Pastor Sarah
Recent Ministry
July 16, 2017 Nicaraguan Sunday  
July 16, 2017  Put-Put Golf Outing with Nicaraguan Visitors

Synod School July 24- July 28 2017
July 30, 2017 Discovery at Storm Chasers Game

Sacred Journey 
 We continue to pray for Mary.  She arrived safely in Kenya and found that her mother is in South Sudan, but needs help and care.  We will continue to keep her and Samuel in our special prayers.

Welcome Back, Calvin Crest Campers!
 Hope you had a great time this summer! We look forward to your energy and blessings as you return to church!

Body of Christ Notes and Thank Yous!
Don't forget to check the church office window for updates, notes, news stories of interest, and other tidbits! 
Discovery Calendar!
  August  2017 Calendar  

Date Start Time Event Description
1 6:00 PM Fellowship & Fun Meeting
  6:45 PM Deacon Meeting
2 7:00 PM Lawn Chair Bible Study
4 1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
5 9:00 AM Bread Making with Linda Carter
Seafarers @ Ollie & Hobbes Papillion (84th & 370)
6 9:30 AM Summer Worship with Communion
  5:00-7:00 PM Young Adult Gathering @ Dickinsons' House
8 6:30 PM Worship Meeting
9 7:00 PM Lawn Chair Bible Study
10 6:45 PM Session Meeting
11 1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
  6:00-Midnight Youth Retreat
13   School Spirit Sunday
  9:30 AM  Summer Worship
    Lunch - Fried Chicken provided - Sides Welcome!
  4:00 PM Book Club
16 7:00 PM **LAST**Lawn Chair Bible Study
18 1:30-2:30 PM   Bible Study
18 -
19  August 18 & 19 Presbytery @ Calvin Crest
20 9:30 AM Summer Worship
    Palooza Lunch - Learning - Get-to-know you
21   Solar Eclipse
23 6:00-8:30 PM Youth Grill & Activity
24 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study** Resumes**
  7:00 PM Nominating Meeting
25 1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
27   Palooza Sunday - Welcome in Worship!
  9:30 AM Summer Worship
30 7:00 PM Chancel Choir Resumes

September Up Coming Events

September 3 - LAST 9:30 Worship - Brownie Sundae
September 10 - Pancake Breakfast
September 10 - 10:30 Worship Begins

Sunday August 6  5-7PM 
Young Adult Gathering

Sunday August 6      5-7PM
@ Pastor Sarah's House
 for recent high school grads 
through age 40ish

Food, Fellowship, Activity, Planning
Coordinators:  Luke & Hannah Sleyster
Childcare provided by youth group members at the house - but please let us know if you need care in advance.
Friends always welcome!
Friday August 11  
6PM - Midnight!
Youth Retreat
 Incoming 6th graders through new 12th graders.
   (recent grads can come if they want to help lead)
Friends Welcome
Pizza provided

Please bring a snack to share.
Fellowship, Games, Looking ahead together

Yep, we go to midnight  & then pick them up:)
School Spirit Sunday 
August 13
We will have a time of special
 prayer for students, schools, school workers.

Wear your favorite school colors!

Chicken Lunch Fellowship after worship.
Fried & Baked Chicken provided.
Please bring sides as you are able.
August 20 & 27 
Membership Palooza
Transfers to Discovery
Learning about Church
Getting together
Considering your next step 
in the spiritual journey.
August 20:  
Lunch & Learning
August 27:  
Worship Celebration (including baptisms)
See Madeline G. or Pastor Sarah to share interest or questions. Welcome!
Discovery Garden!
Keep a look out because Veggies are really coming in!  They will be in the Commons Area outside the Sanctuary. 
Sign is Up! If you would like to help out in the garden please feel free to see Madeline Geldis.
New Areas of Study Revealed!
Small Bible Study Logo
"Community Psalter"
August 6 - September 3
Texts for 
Healthy Community Life

                August Study Groups
Wednesday Lawn Chair 7-8 PM
Through August 16
1:30-2:30 Year round
12:00-1:00 Resumes August 24
Sunday AM Study
                   Resumes September 17

In September we will print our next study booklet.  
We will be heading into Exodus and the Gospel of John across 2017-18.
Discovery Book Club

August 13
4:00 PM
For our next Book Club we will be reading
"Nightengale" by Kristin Hannah
Meet @ the Dickinsons' home.  
Come even if you didn't read the book.

Mission Updates & Prayers
Thank you, Discovery, from the Presbyterian Church (USA) - our mission chair, Beth Galli, received a note from our denomination's national office thanking us for our recent support of mission co-workers Barry & Shelly Dawson and their work in SE Asia.

Nicaraguan Partners of the Month
Church Name                     Name of Pastor

Akobo West Presbyterian Church - South Sudan. 
This is Samuel and Mary's home area.
For peace and healing amid violent situations near and far
Special Thanks
To Discovery Presbyterian Church,

Thank-you so very much for the tremendous welcome to our partners from La Concepcion, Nicaragua! On Sunday, July 16 Pastors Julio and Denis felt completely "at home" giving the messages and singing hymns in Spanish.  They appreciated all the work that went into giving them a special Nebraska barbecue. The whole group of 9 from Nicaragua really enjoyed mini-golfing with the Discovery gang that afternoon.

You may not have realized that the day before, Discovery provided space for a special Nicaraguan group lunch. We took the pastors shopping in the Farmers' Market where they bought vegetables for a big salad. The pastors got a big kick seeing fellow Nicaraguan pastors in the Discovery kitchen chopping vegetables. Thank you to everyone who helped make the trip a big success!

From the MRV team & Nicaraguan partners
Discovery Music Updates
Thanks for the Special Music in Worship all across the Summer!  Above:  "Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish!
Two more slots are open as of Navigator time today:
August 27
September 3
Chancel Choir resumes rehearsals:
August 30 at 7PM
Office Notes from Michelle
(AKA Banana Dog Source)

You are always welcome to e-mail the office or you can give me a call from 
10:15 AM until 3:15 PM 
Monday through Friday. 
If you have something on your mind, or when you would like to put something in the Navigator I'm here for you.

Thanks and God bless!!   

Michelle's Fun Side
August Hello

The first week in August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the long-top year, like the highest seat in a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. The weeks to come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot. It is curiously silent too. With blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with to much color.
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