AUGUST  2017


Summer 2017

June, July and August have been great for Shawn. Shawn enjoyed a "ride on the wild side" at African Lion Safari in June which was a great success. He then went out and watched a baseball game in East City in July and also enjoyed his lunch by the water in Hastings. Then in August, Shawn had a movie night at the drive-in, in Lindsay. Shawn appeared to really enjoy all the music, bright colors and sounds from the movie. This summer has been a stepping stone for discovering Shawn's interests we can't wait to see what adventures fall/winter bring for Shawn!!

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Greg's on TV!!!

Anyone who knows Greg Wilson, knows how much he loves cooking and socializing. This past Wednesday Greg attended a live tapping of Cityline's morning show in Toronto. Dressed in bright yellow so that he had a better chance of being on TV, Greg had a great time and even got some free swag!!! Cityline airs weekdays at 9am on channel 20. Please keep an eye out for Greg on next weeks episodes!!!

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Technology Gives Me More Independence

Hi my name is Kate Eastabrook. I am writing this good news story. A few months ago I would have had someone type this for me. On July 10 and 11 I went to Ottawa with my parents and a staff member of CLP.  The highlight of my trip was bringing home my new computer. This computer uses eye gaze technology. I am able to email, go on Facebook, YouTube and the Internet. It has made me more independent. It can be frustrating sometimes but I love it! 

Shawn Takes a Ride on the Wild Side    
At the end of June, Shawn was supported to Canada's Original Safari Adventure: African Lion Safari!!!!
Shawn enjoyed the trip and the up close encounters with the animals!! Shawn likes going for long drives so this was a perfect outing for him. Shawn and his support team continue to plan outcomes that provide Shawn with a meaningful day. More adventures to come soon!  
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A Birthday Milestone for Greg     
Greg Wilson celebrated his 60th birthday in style this year with a Hawaiian themed back yard BBQ. Parkhill welcomes Greg and the beginning of summer. 
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Freedom Enjoys a Customized Birthday Cake for his Birthday     
A big thank you goes out to Rachel Talmage of Sweet Eu4ria for donating this amazing cake to our agency and demonstrating her community spirit! Rachel has been baking for 10+ years. No two cakes are the same as she will personalize it especially for you. All of her cupcakes and cakes are amazingly decorated and so delicious. If you would like to contact Rachel she can be reached by email at
Successful Art for Autism Raises Funds for Community Living Peterborough's Wish Fund    
The Art for Autism Event held in June raised over $5,000 for Community Living Peterborough's Wish Fund to help those with autism in the Peterborough catchment area! We thank everyone for their support and look forward to next year's event!     
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For Community Living Peterborough to share current information to families, provide a space for families to form natural supportive connections for daily living and future planning.

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