September 2017
In July, we attended The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. Dr. Alinsod participated in "The Art of Female Rejuvenation Symposium" moderated by Dr. Oscar Aguirre. 
Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery -
Concepts, Classifications, and Techniques
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Editor : Christine Hamori, MD; Paul Banwell, MBBS; and Red Alinsod, MD Publisher: Thieme–282 pages
Book Review by : Nano Khilnani
Nearly 9,000 patients underwent in 2015, the procedure of labiaplasty, part of a group of female cosmetic genital surgeries.This number is based on statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, It represents a 16 percent increase from 2014, and it is for labiaplasty alone, and does not include related procedures such as vaginal tightening. For better a perspective....  Read More
Dermoelectroporation (DEP)
in Aesthetic Gynecology
This system has been FDA approved for the “local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections”. Watch the video of Dr. Alinsod's talk to learn more about how we use this non-surgical device in aesthetic urogynecology practice

"Clinical Photography for Dummies"
Dr. Alinsod shared some techniques, tips, and tricks for this often over looked but very important part of every practice. The world and your potential patients are judging you by the photos of your work. Some new tools we are using in our practice is the 3D imaging by Canfield and the patient education & consultation tool, TouchMD. 
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