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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." -Jimmy Dean

Hello everyone! It is already August, which means we are half-way through our  off-season! 90 days until we re-open our doors, on November 1st, 2017. It's coming up very quickly, and so we want your help in preparing for the 2017-18 season! In this newsletter, we go through a new shift in staff, employment opportunities, Gala news, our August needs. 

We want to encourage you to try something new this year. Whether that means joining our staff, volunteering a night of shelter, or preparing a meal for the guests, we love seeing our supporters wonderful faces and giving you another opportunity to serve. Thank you for everything you to support St. John's Shelter and the Micah Center!

August 2017 Newsletter Agenda
New Program Director | Gala | Employment Opportunities |  August needs
Presenting our new Program Director: 
Leanne Baeten! 

We are so excited to announce  Leanne Baeten will be transitioning in to the role of Program Director, from Volunteer Coordinator, for St. John's and the Micah Center.
Leanne's passion for our ministry, and strong work ethic, are without question and I have no doubt she will be a tremendous asset to the ministry in this role.

"I met Leanne a few years ago
when she was volunteering her time at shelter while working for Habitat. The following summer, Leanne showed up one day with her resume hoping to pick up a shift or so each week as a Support staff because of her heart for our ministry. She had no idea we were looking for a Volunteer Coordinator at that time as our recent hire left after seeing what a nonprofit paycheck looked like. We pulled Leanne in over the lunch hour one day and had a phenomenal conversation with her about her heart and passion for the guests of St. John's.  We offered her the position of Volunteer Coordinator and have not looked back since. There has not been a day where I have questioned Leanne's huge heart for the guests we serve and the work we do. To have the ability to transition someone with her caliber of experience, her passion, her understanding of our organization, and her knowledge of what our struggles have been in recent years is a huge blessing."
-Alexia Wood, Executive Director

Who is Leanne Baeten?

Leanne describes herself as woman with two families, her St John's family and her home family of two sons... Tony and Andy Feltheim, their wives, and five grandchildren (see picture above). She is devoted to those she loves and seeks to serve others to fulfill her life purpose. For hobbies, she enjoys being near and in the water, cooking, traveling (though not often enough) and hours spent playing with family and friends.

Leanne recently became a member of Life Church and feels connected to a faith community there that is committed to bringing the life giving message of Jesus to others. Being a part of ministry that puts Jesus first in her life is important for her and in that she has found her happy place at both Life Church and in her work life at St Johns.

(NOTE: We will continue announcing new staffing in the next few weeks with the new shift in positions.) 
3rd Annual Restoring Hope Gala

Save the Date
On November 3rd, 2017, we are hosting our 3rd Annual Restoring Hope Gala, and you are invited! The event will begin at 5pm, where we will have dinner, live music, guest speaker, and a silent auction! This is a great event to put in your calendars and share with your friends, family, co-workers, and community! 

Emcees of the Night
We are thrilled to announce our Emcees will be Shotgun Randy Shannon, from Y100, and Michelle Melby, from Fox 11 News. 

Shotgun Randy Shannon: Having worked in just about every facet of radio - from cutting the grass and doing weekend overnights to every full time slot, music director, and program director; Shotgun has done it all. He co-hosted a morning show with Jesse James from 2006-2011. In mid-2011, he came back "home" to Northeast WI, and after a 4-year stint on the "tie floor" as Director of Digital Development, he's back on the air on WNCY-Y100.

Silent Auction
If you're interested in getting involved with our Silent Auction, please contact  Pat Lane at (920) 544-5759 or email .
Employment Opportunities for 2017-18 Shelter Season
St. John's Homeless Shelter is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 Shelter Season. We will be holding interviews the month of August and beginning of September, with a training start date of October 13, 2017. There are a number of opportunities available. If you are interested in more information, before you send your resume and cover letter, please contact our Executive Director, Alexia Wood, at, to describe your qualifications and why you are interested in joining the St. John's team.

NEW Full-time, Year-round Positions Available:

Front Desk Office Manager (Micah Center): This full-time, year round, benefit eligible position will run the front operations of Micah Center. Hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm and Fridays 8am-Noon in the shelter offseason. During the shelter season, hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Strong computer skills (Excel, databases, etc.) and friendly personality a must. Attention to detail is needed to excel in this position. Deadline to express interest is Monday, August 7th.

If you are interested in returning as a seasonal, shelter staff member, please let us know by Friday, August 11th. Responses will drive how we target seasonal hiring for the 2017-2018 shelter season. If you're looking to return for a seasonal position, you can simply express that interest via email.

August  Needs
General Summer Needs:
Bike Locks
Bug Spray
Rain Ponchos
33 Gallon Garbage Bags
8 oz Styrofoam Cups
Duffle Bags
Coffee Creamer

August Needs: 
Bike locks
Paper Plates 

Interested in joining the Financial Development Committee? Email Alexia at for more information. 
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