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TTEAM/ TTouch® for horses
Three-day clinic 
Lascelles, QC
45 min. north of Ottawa, ON, Canada - 2 hours from the US border

Setting Them Up For Success
August 5-7, 2017

Note that the 6-day option is not available this year.
Clinic can count towards certification
and as an update for practitioners. 
CE's available for NCBTMB members

The nitty gritty

 Full cost
August 5-7 
$100.00 $450.00
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Logistics and Registration:
EJ and Derby

A message from 
Edie Jane
" I am so looking forward to the annual TTEAM cllnic at my house.

With the teaching help of Marcy Baer, and other wonderful TTouch teachers, it can't help but be a winner - as ever!   

"We're calling the training
'Setting Them Up For Success' We'll have a good mix of youngsters and older horses. Our goal is to help them to be as successful as they can be, whether it's by easing the steps of early education, or by helping them overcome issues picked up through their careers.     

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areaMake a holiday of your clinic visit!

The clinic venue is 15 minutes from the vibrant community of Wakefield QC- a village with a lot to offer: Quiet vistas over the river, wonderful restaurants, access to neighbouring Gatineau Park, a gentle canoe outing on the river, and more. Wakefielders know how to take life at its own pace, though sometimes that's not too different from taking a bull by the horns - such as leaping into the blue courtesy of the Great Canadian Bungee company, or white-water rafting not far away on one of the continent's best (and safest) rivers.