Due to some extensive family stuff, I didn't make it down to the club for the 29er Regattas. I truly lived vicariously, the past two weeks, through Matias's insane pictures that captured the sporting events so splendidly.  

There's a running joke in our family, that started between my son, Davis and my Dad. My then four year old, told Daddy that that sailing "wasn't a sport", because sports only contained balls; ie basketball, soccer, football, etc. The joke continued up until the day Daddy passed and still gets mentioned even today. In seeing the spectacular pictures that Matias took the past two weeks, I couldn't help but think of Dad and the "sport of sailing" which he loved so much!

These 29er sailors, that worked their tushes off, not only to qualify, but compete in the World Championships deserve our utmost respect.  The "sport" of sailing is something we can all be proud of at ABYC ... and thankful that we have the amazing prodigies that we do!

Huge congratulations to all the young athletes competing, and winning, in our favorite "sport"! 

For those that may have missed it ....
Here's the repertoire of Matias' pictures for the whole week of 29er World Championships.  Enjoy...

29er World Championships Opening Ceremonies
29er World's Day One

29er World's Day Two

29er World's Day Three

29er World's Day Four

29er World's Day Five

29er World's Day Five #2
29er World's Final Day

Sure wish I was 20 again...

Stacy Massey

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