August 2016
A Timeless World of Sacred Sound 
Lake Crescent - Nature Bridge in Washington State
By Vicki Edwards

I was going away to spend eight days having committed to participating in a Sacred Sound Workshop. The location, a place called Nature Bridge in Washington State, where we would stay in log cabins surrounded by old growth forest. And, adding to the mystery of the forest, a glacial fed lake, Lake Crescent.
Excited and somewhat nervous, I boarded the first of three aeroplanes on the long haul into the northern hemisphere. During the flight, I had plenty of time to reflect on why would I embark on such a journey, why choose sacred sound?

As a child I loved the sound of the human voice. As that child I would sit on my African nannies lap and be rocked to sleep by her resonant singing, my head flopped between her ample breasts, her thudding heart accompaniment.
My journey had begun and challenges followed aplenty. But, you know overall, they became an inherent facet of the trip. When an airline decided to cancel a flight, in fact all flights that day, chaos ensued, hundreds of us left stranded. For eight hours the drama continued, the kindness of people provided stark counterpoint. I ordered a coffee and someone spontaneously paid for it. I needed to phone and another offered me their phone. The list is long and filled with generosity.

I finally arrived at my destination. Standing beside Lake Crescent, a timeless world of sacred sound reared around me. The thickly wooded mountains rose straight out of crystal clear waters, the trees impossibly tall. My words of gratitude tumbled across the quiet scene.
First day. A lone voice rang into the classroom, its tone haunting, provocative, soulful, startling me momentarily. I had just met Vickie Dodd. A slender woman swayed, lost in powerful, spontaneous sounding.
I didn't know what I had actually come for, only knew I wanted to be there, to learn - so I thought. "The body knows". The body knows were words Vickie repeated myriad times! I realised I had come to learn what I already knew, the wisdom and perfection of the human body.
What is meant by sounding the human body? Come walk amongst stately forest, for, it was there I heard a profound truth. Come with me... Read more of Vicki's exciting adventure  here

Programs and Events
If you are seeking to discover more about yourself, to embrace a fresh beginning in life or to simply be more present in day to day living, we have some great programs and events to support you on your journey. 

Join us for these great Activities in August

Stillpoint Meditation - Dates and Facilitators 
Wednesday August 31st -  Vicki Edwards and  Shandell Tregaskis 
September 7th - Jewels Bolland and Marie Cassidy
September 14th - Vicki Edwards and Jewels Bolland
September 21st - Vicki Edwards and Marie Cassidy
September 28th - Vicki Edwards and Shandel Tregaskis
9.30 - 11.00am -  Fee $7 per session 
This Term's meditation classes are filled with loads of variety and will be led by a team of experienced and passionate meditation teachers. 
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Sunday Mornings
September 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
Chanting from 9:30am - Presentation from 10am - Morning tea to follow at 11:30
Hosting a time of spiritually inspiring presentations complimented by a group attunement. All our Sunday services are followed by a delicious morning tea and open to all. 
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All Age Service
Monthly. September 18th, October 16th and November 13th  
Offering a safe and nurturing environment where all children are encouraged to discover and enjoy their own spirituality
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Keep these dates 'free' for September

Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles 
Saturday September 17th 6 -7pm
Fee: Donations appreciated
Facilitators include, Vicki Edwards and Jenni Douglas
Come celebrate the Earths sacred cycles with us .  A wonderful opportunity to focus and realign yourself with the  Planets  natural rhythms. 
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Just Be
Saturday September 24th. 1 - 5pm
Fee Early Bird Offer by September 9th $20. 
Facilitators include, Jewels Bolland and Maggie Cope
This program offers a collage of meditation experiences in which  you're invited to just be - with yourself, with your life and with this moment. 
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Join us anytime for....
Morning Tea
Tuesday to Friday 11.00-11.30am  
Just want to drop by and meet the team or say hello to old friends? Then why not join us Tuesday to Friday for morning tea. Fresh coffee, wide tea selection and delicious food. Kindly let us know if you will be attending. 
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Experience the power of  Attunement, a non-touch energy support technique. 
Please ring the office for an appointment time.   Like to know more about Attunement?  
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 Highlights from our Winter Bonfire

 Poem of the Month

Thinking, Feeling , Willing 
by Rita Koehler

Thinking, feeling, willing
in blessed harmony
the triune heaven

Alive in the heart
of wholesome own 
uniting awareness

in, with, for
owns ecstasy

Manna for 
still longing

Of light
for light
our destiny is written.

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