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Volume 18 Issue 1August  2014
10 Minutes--It CAN Make a Difference
10 minutes is not a lot of time but is CAN make a big difference in your budget; really it can. This article has some great money saving tips that take only a smidgen of your time and they can make a difference in your bank balance. The first tip is a great one!
Changes in Credit Scoring
Not every issue on your credit score is because you just didn't pay bills. It turns out that medical debt is a big portion of unpaid debt for a number of consumers. In some cases, hospitals might not even send you a bill after insurance pays and then send you to collections. Hardly seems fair does it?
There are changes coming in credit scoring that might just help those effected by those types of scores. 

Sticking to Your Budget

Budgeting isn't always easy and sometimes when you are feeling that "want something now" emotion, it can be a battle. This article has some great tips on helping you stay on track with your budget. 

I'm betting there is something here that can help you stick to your plan.

Sticking To Your Budget 









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