An ARM Update
August 2013

Dear friends,  


I know that many of you have heard about our Bible college that we started back in 2007.   It has had several different names over the years, from Gaba Bible Institute (GBI) to Africa Renewal Christian College (ARCC) and now, Africa Renewal University (ARU), but whatever name it goes by, the mission has remained the same; to equip Christian leaders for the transformation of society. 

I have asked our USA Board Chairman, Larry Thrasher, to share more about his heart for ARU in this newsletter.  Please enjoy reading it and hearing about testimonies of transformation from some of ARU's alumni as well as plans for the future of ARU's campus.  We are so very grateful to God for all that is going on at ARU and are so proud of Jeff Atherstone and the entire ARU team for their sacrificial service!

To find out more about ARU, please make sure you take time to visit their website or facebook for more information!


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

A Word from Our USA Board Chairman PARKstory


Africa Renewal University (ARU) is such a great illustration of God's
provision to accomplish His plans, which in this case is to equip Christian
leaders to transform society through University education. 

ARU started out as Gaba Bible Institute (GBI) just 6 years ago with 35
students.  Within two years it had over 100 students from 7 different
countries.  Not only did it outgrow its leased facility but the roof collapsed
putting our students in temporary tent classrooms.  Yet God's plan could
not be thwarted as financial partners stepped in to help us purchase a 23-
acre campus with a capacity of 350 students.

The school continued to grow rapidly and in December 2012, it was accredited as a University,
changing its name to Africa Renewal University.  This status puts our unique education in even
greater demand and with God's continuing blessing to bring additional partners, we hope to
expand our campus capacity over the next several years to 4,000 students.  God willing, we hope
to begin phase one of this expansion in early 2014. 

To God be the Glory,
Larry Thrasher aka "Jajja Larry" which in luganda means, "Grandpa Larry"  
ARU Graduate Testimony  Enochvideo 

Check out this testimony video from one of ARU's 2012 graduates, Enoch, who experienced 
life changing transformation through Africa Renewal University.
ARU Stories & Updates  stmTRIPS  

A Living Testimony of Heart Transformation

Ivan started his career as a politican and a preacher.  He juggled both positions, but found that he approached church and leadership more as a political dictatorship rather than out of a heart to serve.

When he joined ARU, he was already a senior pastor, but since he lacked training, he found himself simply imitating others, without any real grasp on how to study, teach or interpret the word of God.  He did not see himself as God's servant, but rather saw himself as the owner of the church. 
Through ARU his perspective has drastically changed!  Ivan has learned that to be a good leader, he should be serving others wholeheartedly and that only God is the true owner of the church.

In Sept 2012, he took what he learned & started a new church in a Muslim community on the Congo/Uganda border.  The church has grown to over 200 members, with people from many different tribes and nations.  With the help of a leadership team, they have seen the transformation of families and the community around them.  Glory be to God!
ARU Medical Center COMING SOON

ARM has been offering quality medical care through Wentz Medical Center and Renewal Healthcare Network since 2005.  Over the years, ARM has expanded its medical projects and now has three clinic locations in Gaba, Mukono and Mubende. 

We now have an opportunity to open up our 4th clinic at Africa Renewal University.  This new clinic will provide medical care to the staff and students of ARU and be a great help to us as our campus capacity expands over the next few years.  It will also act as a great training ground for students who will be enrolling in our new Bachelor of Community Health program starting in 2014.

Please keep ARU's medical center in your prayers as we look for the resources needed for the center's construction costs as well as the equipment and medical supplies we will need to stock it fully.

Accrediation & Degrees at ARU

University education helps to break the cycle of poverty and dependency by opening doors of opportunities that many families in Uganda can afford on their own.  It also helps to solidify the spiritual development of a child in their most impressionable years.  For this reason ARM has worked diligently to build our own university, ARU.

ARU is in the process of finalizing their accreditation and is planning to offer Bachelor Degrees starting in January of 2014.  Our programs aim at preparing Christian Leaders for every sector of society and include degrees in:
  • Theology
  • Child Development
  • Social Work
  • Community Development
  • Community Health

Please keep ARU in your prayers as they finalize their accreditation this year.  

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