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August 2014
"Health & Wellness" by Dr. Edward Wagner DC


Health and Wellness - This Summer of August 2014 and Beyond...


The common health and wellness construct for the prevention of chronic disease or to give you a path out of it consists of the following:  Prescriptions of exercise first, supplements second, diet third, rest fourth, vacations fifth, meditation and prayer last.    Many would put prayer and meditation at the top.  Anyway you construct it, for most now there are obstructions to the results that once were more than common.


What if I was to tell you that muscle metabolism can shut down making it nearly impossible to want to exercise, that tissues become obstructed preventing nutrients from getting into the cells and waste out, that hormones become so deregulated that it is nearly impossible to re-regulate them by lifestyle and diet alone, that most of one's stressed out emotions are not emotions but are reactions to the amount of stress due to the failure of stress adaptation systems, that most conditions are not conditions or diseases in their own right but in fact are the body's attempt to save another part of itself that it feels is more important for survival.  In another words, nearly every condition is an adaptation to something else, even to the point that a symptom complex is acting as a defense or healing construct to something far more serious.  This can also be generated by deep seated negative memories, insecurities, value judgments upon self, and even non genetic inherited programs.


So what are we talking about?  The only way to realize wellness is to delve into the truth behind everything that occurs, meaning one must take the approach that the symptomotology is in reality an expression of the body, spirit and subconscious communicating that there is something wrong that needs attention.  Assuming that this is true, one needs to seek a doctor that practices in that manner.  This is the first step.  Second is to follow through with the treatment recommendations and join in the exploration of the causes, present and past, and let's not forget any fears of the future.  They can be just as toxic.


No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.  We are all dedicated to finding the root of the ailments. Make a commitment to follow consciousness healing followed by all the other adjunctive techniques and methodologies like nutrition and supplementation.


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