Volume 4, Issue 8; August 2017
Vital Village News
Upcoming Events:
  • September 18, 9-11am: Network Connection Meeting (register here!)

  • September 20-23: Community Organizing and Family Issues Training

  • October 7-9, 14-15: Social Justice Mediation Institute

  • November 1-2: Annual Vital Village Leadership Summit

    • More information to come!
Social Justice Mediation Institute
  • Interested in becoming a mediator for your community? Want to help your neighbors work through conflict with a trauma-informed lens? Looking to support fellow teachers, organization leaders, or health care providers in coming to a compromise using social justice as a foundation?
  • Social justice mediation is a method of conflict resolution which strives to address underlying issues while preserving and fostering relationships. 
Apply to the Social Justice Mediation Institute training opportunity this October!  For more information email: VVN Mediators

Around the Network
Union Capital Boston Resource Fair
When:  Saturday, September 23  10am-12pm
Where: Bolling Building: 2300 Washington St, Roxbury

Boston Public Health Commission: Training
Trauma Awareness & Resilience Training Institute for Youth Workers
When: October 13, 20, and 27
Where: 727 Mass Ave, Boston

Children's Services of Roxbury Peace of Mind Event
Establish a Guinness World Record for the largest human peace sign with Children's Service of Roxbury
When: Saturday, September 23 10am
Where: Boston Common

The Equity Project: Panel and Discussion
Celebrate the works of Black Women Composers and bring attention to the gender pay gap in America through an interactive panel discussion with musicians and event organizers. 
When:  Wednesday, August 16 6:30pm
Where: Hibernian Hall Ballroom Roxbury

Network Bright Spots

Last week, 16 community members joined trainer, Laurel Wilson from Mother Journey, in a 3-day Lactation Educator training. The community members received scholarships to attend and will practice skills and knowledge learned across Boston at breastfeeding support group locations. 

Learn more about the Boston Breastfeeding Coalition, here.
Vital Village's own Data Dashboard features a map from June 14th's student transportation equity photo voice project. Users can navigate the map with photos from Boston Public School students engaged in the transportation activism.

Learn more about the event here.

Introducing Vital Village's Newest Staff
Desi Hartman
Dedicated to fighting for a world that actualizes every child's right to health, we welcome Desi to our team!
Read her full bio, here.

Morgan Breland
An advocate for social justice and providing services to improve community capacity, say hello to Morgan!
Read his full bio here.

Rachel Sullivan
With an excitement for community partnership building and improving maternal health, Rachel joins the team!
Read her full bio here.

Risa Brundy
Looking to combat health inequities at an individual and community level, we welcome Risa to the Vital Village Network!
Read her full bio here.
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