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End of summer vacation 
Blue Heron Studio closed Saturday, August 9th thru Saturday, August 23rd.
Classes resume Tuesday, August 26th 9:30 AM 

Dear Nia Community,
I am taking a two week vacation so studio will be closed Saturday Aug. 9th thru Saturday, Aug. 23rd. I will be back to teaching on Tuesday, Aug. 26th. 

I will be teaching my 12:15 PM classes at the Bellevue Family Y on Monday, August 11th and Wednesday, Aug. 22nd and there will be guest teachers teaching August 8th, August 13th, 15th, 18th and 20th. You can also find an array of excellent Nia classes on the eastside and in Seattle by going here.

First Nia & Horses� White Belt Training graduates!
Big congratulations to the first Nia & Horses� White Belt Graduates from left: Cathy Mahon, Michele Caskey, Jill Lienert, Ginger Atherton, Katie Strong, Judy Gribble, Tripti Kenzer, Jena Sawyer and Simona Foggit.

It was a great week with Nia's 13 White Belt Principles with horses during the first ever special application of the Nia White Belt Training

Trainees explored movement and 'the art of sensation' with the deeply creative music and movement 13 White Belt principle sessions in the studio, in nature and with horses - together during the week-long Nia & Horses� White Belt Training, the first of its kind with creator, Randee Fox, Nia Faculty Trainer and equestrian educator at Blue Heron Ranch in Sammamish, Washington. Sessions were done both one-on-one, as a group and in 'sacred herds' of three people to one horse. Trainees learned how to ground their energy, tuning into physical sensation and breath while in the presence of a horse, both in stillness and in movement - as a way to direct their own energy with empowerment and leadership.

Often our minds struggle and strive to dominate when we are not in our comfort zone so the formula of choose-sensation-connection is one that trainees quietly repeated on their own, 'reeling back' connection to their own bodies in silence, until they were able move in rhythmic timing with the horse - connected first to their body, then with the horse's movement - with a relaxed body, alert yet quiet mind with grounded, empowered leadership. After practicing and learning this, trainees danced to music with their horses, using a combination of some of Nia's nine movement forms in an ensemble within their 'sacred herds'. 

The Nia & Horses� White Belt Training informs us of our instincts and movement habits via reciprocal movement with the horse and and with one another.  The trainees were sometimes naturally not in their comfort zones, being with and moving with a 1,000 pound horse, yet they all found their way back to choose-sensation-connection, first with their body. The horses, carefully trained to do this work as teachers themselves, sensed their human partners' connection which, to them, translates into 'grounded leadership'. Horses love a strong and grounded leader so, naturally the horses instinctually and rhythmically connected their movements to the human's movement. Horses are wired to mirror energy and this is the foundation of the Nia & Horses� White Belt Training. Next Nia & Horses� White Belt Training is October 4th - 10th. Join us! Learn more here.

Soleil the horse dances with White Belt Trainees, Simona Foggitt, Ginger Atherton and Cathy Mahon within their 'sacred herd'. 
Photo by Tom Reese
Caanie the horse, Tripti Kenzer, Jill Lienert and Michele Caskey dancing within their 'sacred herd'. Photo by Tom Reese
Dr. Christin Finn, veterinarian and Nia & Horses� presenter, draws on Caanie the horse with chalk to illustrate where the vertebrae in her neck are located during one of the comparative anatomy sessions during the training. Photo by Randee Fox
Tripti Kenzer and Jill Lienert enjoy an affectionate snuggle by their herd mate, Caanie the horse. 
Photo by Tom Reese
All of the trainees and their horses, Sierra, Caanie and Solel, in a moment of silence in their sacred herd formation before preparing to dance. Photo by Tom Reese

There are many more fantastic events coming to Blue Heron Ranch this summer and fall!
See below.  
August 8 - 10 Stalking the Wild Psoas 
with Liz Koch & cellist Jami Sieber 

September 12-18 Nia Blue Belt with Nia Faculty Trainers, Winalee Zeeb & Caroline Kohles
Learn more and register here

October 4 - 11 Nia & Horses� White Belt Training 
with Nia Faculty Trainer/Equestrian Educator, Randee Fox
for everybody, no horse experience necessary
Learn more and register here
Tripti Kenzer exploring 'the art of sensation' with her horse partner, Caanie during the first Nia & Horses� White Belt training July 26-August 1, 2014.
Photo by Tom Reese

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