August 2017
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX
Robert Ryan

When did you start practicing yoga?
I took my first class about 10 years ago.
What brought you to BYX?
I was looking for a good cardio workout to replace my treadmill workout.
Why do you keep coming?
I keep coming back because of the challenges of the postures, and it raises my fitness level. The studio is very well maintained. The instructors are very helpful during and after class. You can tell that they care about you and your yoga practice. And if you have a need for some special help, it's there for you.
What benefits have you seen from your practice?
The main benefit for me is the reduced back pain. I'm also more flexible, and the cardio is great.
What has surprised you about practicing?
I keep seeing progress in the postures. The breathing is key for me, and I find it is easier for me to breathe, once in the postures.
How has yoga improved/changed your life?
I wake up with a lot less stiffness overall.
What's your favorite posture and why?
I like all of the backbends and their healing effect. I can walk longer and with less discomfort since I started practicing backbends. Mostly, my back just feels better after doing them!
Do you have any new goals that you did not have before practicing yoga?
I want to make reasonable progress in the postures. I keep making health "deposits" for my body.

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The stores are filled with back to school supplies, and I've even seen some Halloween decorations - yikes! The world would love to keep us worrying about "what's next", but it is still summer.  Yes, it's winding down, but there are still a few weeks left, don't miss them worrying about the future.

Tap into your yoga practice to help keep you present. Take a deep breath and be fully aware of where you are. Enjoy these last days of summer!
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX

We've decided to highlight members of our community so you can better get to know them, and perhaps be inspired by their stories.

Meet Robert Ryan. Robert enjoys the increased flexibly that comes with his practice, but mostly, he loves that his back pain is gone!

Enjoy Robert's interview in the column on the left.

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Thank you for being part of this growing yoga community. It wouldn't be the same without each of you!
Kristin Sapp
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