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Youth participants in the MyCom Change Agent Fellowship.

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School supplies are essential, but children returning to the classroom also need to come prepared with emotional resilience and optimism. MyCom spends the summer preparing students for success, through specialized leadership training that builds self-reliance and assurance. 

In this issue, hear from students in two MyCom leadership programs, the Change Agent Fellowship and MyMedia. Programs like these help students start their school year with confidence.


MyMedia gives voice to students who have something to say.

Today's youth have a voice that deserves to be heard. Elliott Burgess, a high-school junior and MyMedia graduate, puts it this way: "We are the future leaders and decision makers. We have different views and it's important for parents, teachers and other adults to try to understand things from our perspective."

Teaching young people how to make their voices heard is what MyCom's MyMedia program is all about.
MyMedia students
MyMedia not only gives youth a way to have their voice heard - it amplifies their voices across the country. Three MyMedia graduates got a rare opportunity to speak and learn with national peers and experts when they were selected to represent Greater Cleveland at Scenarios USA's 2012 Youth Leadership and Advocacy Conference on July 26-29, 2012 in New York City. Photo: Two MyMedia participants, Jason and Alex, in discussion at the NY conference.
The goal of MyMedia is to train youth from Greater Cleveland's middle and high schools to have a greater voice in our public conversation. Students are encouraged to report on issues from their own schools and neighborhoods, and to express their ideas effectively through a wide range of media channels - on radio and television, in print, and online.
Applications for the next MyMedia class available NOW! 
Deadline to apply: September 7.
The MyMedia fall class will run from Sept. 26 to Nov.14. A link to applications is posted on MyCom's MyMedia page

Questions? Contact Kailyne Waters, MyMedia Project Manager, at 


Learning to become an Agent for Change.

Change is a frightening concept. People don't like change. And while it's usually not hard to see that change is needed, it's a lot tougher to be the person who gets things moving. That's what a Change Agent does... he or she provides leadership, develops alliances, fosters teamwork and manages a wide range of individuals, agencies, and other interested parties to make a positive change.

Local youth have the passion to be the agents of change within their neighborhoods. What they need are the leadership tools that will empower them to move forward with their ideas.

For the past three years, the MyCom Change Agent Fellowship (CAF) has provided an opportunity for high-school students to build their leadership skills and put them into action. The program immerses the students for two weeks in activities that range from visiting different communities, meeting civic leaders, and completing assignments in writing and public speaking to help them effectively communicate their ideas for change.

MyCom met with two students involved in the Change Agent Fellowship program and the program administrator. Here's what Ta'Tiana, a high-school sophomore, Diont�, a senior, and Alicia Petrella, Youth Development Director for the Partnership for a Safer Cleveland, had to say.

MyCom: What changes do you feel need to be made to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods?

Ta'Tiana: We need to find programs to get kids off the street. I've had friends who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and who were killed. I was at a skating rink when shooting broke out and all I could do was drop to the floor.
Change Agent Dionte
Diont�: Boredom and loneliness just invite trouble. I want to start something at my rec center like a dancing program, to help give kids something to do. I've worked at Cleveland Public Theatre and I really enjoy hip hop dancing, so I think something like that would be something kids could do.

MyCom: To become an agent for change, there are often things you have to change about yourself.

Ta'Tiana: I was used to talking to my core group of friends, but I'm shy in front of people I don't know. The program helped me become more comfortable with public speaking.

Diont�: Being a good leader takes responsibility. It also takes dedication. You might have to give up things you like to do. You might have to stop having certain types of fun, and even drop a few friends. Dedication is key. Priorities ...


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Tips for first-day jitters, school success

ParentFurther, a resource from the Search Institute, offers tips to parents to help their child succeed in school, including ideas like setting up a homework station, and helping young people think critically. 

Also, don't miss the ParentFurther "5 Simple Tips for Back to School Survival," to help ease a child's transition into a new classroom. 

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Back to School

MyCom youth leaders offer advice for students returning to school:

"If you want something, go for it. Don't let anything hold you back."
- Diont

"Try your best. Not everyone gets a second chance, so don't blow it, and focus. Everything is not a game."
- Ta'Tiana

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