Noted Researcher Discusses Link Between Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer's Disease 
Participants from 9 States Join in 'CPAP Chat'
"CPAP treatment of sleep apnea may delay progression of cognitive impairment," Dr. Ricardo Osorio, a world-renowned expert on the correlation between sleep apnea and various forms of dementia, discussed as the featured guest during the August edition of 'CPAP Chat,' the world's only virtual support group for people with sleep apnea and for health care professionals.

He added, " The presence of sleep disordered breathing is associated with an earlier age of cognitive decline."   (CPAP is the therapy of choice to treat sleep apnea - an acronym for continuous positive airway pressure.) These are among conclusions in a study co-authored by Dr. Osorio that appeared in the journal Neurology.
Fitness Guru Offers First Online Group Fitness Challenge for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Join the Challenge Now - See How You Do by our October 7th CPAP Chat Session
People from 9 states enjoyed the motivational fitness and nutrition presentation by guru Tim Mills, founder of Tim Mills Fitness during our July CPAP Chat.
As a follow-up, Tim is offering us the first online group fitness challenge designed for anyone with sleep apnea. He'll check in on participants' progress during the October 7th CPAP Chat.
You can get a free 10-minute one-on-one call to help you get on the right track, change habits and eat healthy. He suggests his '6-Day Clean Eating Reset,' a meal plan and grocery list on his website. His foods are entirely optional.
Tim says, "I'll help y ou f ind your motivation. Then everything will fall into place."

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I'm new to CPAP therapy and wondering what type of mask is right for me? 

Using the right mask is essential to the success of your treatment. Size, fit, and comfort are the most import considerations. If the mask doesn't fit, isn't comfortable, or doesn't meet your breathing needs, it's not likely that you will be compliant with CPAP therapy. It should form a good seal on your face so that air doesn't leak (this would be uncomfortable and make your therapy less effective). A nasal mask which covers the nose is the most common, however, some people breathe through their mouth when they sleep. In this case, a full face mask that covers both the nose and mouth is the best option. Another option would be a nasal mask and chinstrap. This will prevent the jaw from opening during sleep and still provide for effective therapy. Still have more questions? Contact us!

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Do you have travel plans this fall? Find out how to travel, camp, or fly with CPAP. Can you travel without your CPAP and still get therapy? For some, yes!  Call-in to find out how.

CPAP Chat is open to individuals who use CPAP for sleep apnea or other sleep issues, health care professionals, and anyone else interested in the topic. For more information call 888.867.8840.

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