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With schools back in session and football season here it's  a busy and exciting time of the year. At SARPC, we are all  making it a priority, as a TEAM, to work diligently and  professionally to provide the programs and services to those  we serve in Escambia, Baldwin and Mobile counties. Please  contact my office or drop by if you have questions, ideas  or suggestions. 

John F." Rickey" Rhodes

The Mobile MPO will meet on  September 14th, 2016 at 9:30 AM , not  10:00 AM .  The  Technical Coordinating / Citizens Advisory Committee (TCC/CAC) will meet  August 31st  to review the agenda, which is very brief.  We will be adopting the FY 2017 UPWP which has been reviewed ad nauseam, and our Self Certification.  The Self Certification is a hold up from last year, as we did not have our ADA Transition Plans for Public ROW.  Now we do, and we can in good faith self-certify ourselves as the Mobile MPO.  We will also have some other items to review on the agenda, to include the Mobile Urban TAP Funding; how, and when, should we start scheduling those for FY 17-19. ALDOT has announced a new call for projects:

ALDOT TAP FUNDING (deadline  December 16th, 2016 )

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is soliciting applications for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) for FY 2017.

The TAP application and instructions are located on the ALDOT website at:

The TAP application is available on this page and on page two (2) of the instructional information is a listing of eligible improvement projects for TAP funding. The deadline for submission of FY 2017 TAP applications including support documentation is  Friday, December 16, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Some major application requirements of the TAP are:
  1. Only cities, towns and county commissions can apply for funding;
  2. Due to limited funding, there is a $400 ,000 cap on the amount of federal funds that a sponsor can apply for;
  3. Only one application can be submitted by an eligible sponsor due to limited funding;
  4. The funding ratio for TAP projects is 80% federal funds and 20% sponsor funds. the sponsor is responsible for the cost of required preliminary engineering.
  5. Public involvement is optional;
  6. Fifty (50) percent of the TAP funds are sub-allocated to the MPO's by population and fifty (50) percent is distributed to any area of the state by ALDOT ;
  7.  All TAP projects are selected by a competitive application process administered by ALDOT;
  8. Independent landscaping projects are not eligible;
  9. Transportation museums are not eligible;
  10. For cities/towns located within the six (6) largest MPO's (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery , Mobile, Columbus, GA, and Pensacola, FL), the TAP funds that are being administered by ALDOT are completely separate from the TAP funds that are dedicated to the aforementioned  MPO's.
Please contact Bob Kratzer at (334) 353-6442 if you have questions regarding this matter.


Great news for Atmore. The Huntsville-based Brown Precision Inc. plans to invest $7 million to  open a manufacturing facility in Atmore, creating more than 100 jobs. Nicole Taylor of our staff  assisted this project by writing an EDA grant application that, when awarded, will help support  the City of Atmore's commitment of roadway improvements in the RiverCane Industrial Park.

Our staff also assisted the City of Bayou La Batre with a recently awarded Coastal Zone  Management Grant to prepare a new Zoning Ordinance. The City is in the final stages of  completing their Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinance is the document used to implement the  Mater Plan.

There is a new Oyster Shell Recycling and Restoration Lifecycle Program. This program
provides a recycling opportunity for leftover oyster shells that are collected, prepared, attached  with oyster larvae, and planted on oyster reefs. Learn more at www.oysterrecovery.org.

Funding opportunities from NADO NEWS nadonews@nado.org

Corporation for National and Community Service Announces Funding Opportunity for
Youth Development, Economic Opportunity, and Healthy Futures Projects  Applications are being accepted for the Social Impact Fund (SIF) and Pay for Success (PIS)  competition through the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Eligible projects are
those addressing the following:

  • Youth Development - Preparing children and youth for success in school, active citizenship, productive work, and healthy and safe lives, including crime reduction initiatives focused on juvenile delinquency and victimization prevention and response.
  • Economic Opportunity - Increasing economic opportunities and financial stability for economically disadvantaged individuals and families.
  • Healthy Futures - Improving health outcomes, promoting healthy lifestyles, and decreasing health disparities that disproportionately affect low-income communities.

The Round 2: SIF/PFS Grants Competition will award grantees between $350,000 and
$1,800,000 each year over the three-year project period.  Every grant dollar must be matched by  the grantee with nonfederal dollars and services.  Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. ET on  September 20.  For more information, a live question and answer session will be hosted at 3:00  p.m. ET on September 14.

Mrs. Esther Pearl Beard of Wilmer received the Lifetime Achievement Commendation Award from the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame on July 17  at the annual Awards Ceremony in Montgomery.  Ms. Beard has been attending the Wilmer SAIL Senior Center for 35 years. During her time at the center she has served as a faithful volunteer. Ms. Beard has aided the center staff in serving meals and carrying out activities for the seniors in attendance. She has not only volunteered her time in serving the center and it's seniors but also has encouraged other seniors involvement. She enjoys participating in dance classes and playing dominoes with her friends at the Wilmer SAIL Senior Center. Mrs. Beard is a member of the Easter Stars and Ladies Organization of Masons.


It is back to school time!

In early August SARPC's Mature Staffing Service staff participated several meetings with Baldwin County's After School Care program. The first meeting targeted the supervisors and it was during this time the process of signing up workers, reporting time, and other pertinent information was covered. Additionally, there was a meeting the next day for those individuals who had been approved by Baldwin County School Board and were ready to be processed as After School Care workers. This meeting provided the means to have all documents in place and the worker ready to begin their assignments as soon as school started. Mature Staffing Service's Field Coordinator, Shannon Raley, explained each form to those in attendance and explained they would be an employee of Mature Staffing Service and would be paid every two weeks. This aspect was very appealing to them. Currently, Mature Staffing Service has 335 signed up and active in this program.

For the July 20 quarterly meeting for SCSEP participants SARPC staff partnered with the Aging and Disability Resource Center to have a representative, Christina Boyington, come and share how they assess individuals to determine if they are eligible for government funded benefits. During this meeting each SCSEP participant signed up to be assessed. It has proved to be a beneficial process.

Things are heating up and becoming more active for the Revolving Loan Fund program. There  are several requests which are looking promising for eligibility for presentation to the loan review committee. We anticipate good news soon. Stay tuned!

The new location for the Baldwin County "Welcome to Medicare" monthly seminar is at the Spanish Fort Community Center and is held the 2nd  Wednesday  of each month.  The new location in Escambia County is the Atmore Community Hospital and is held the first  Monday  of every month. 

In Mobile the monthly seminars continue at SARPC's office in the GM&O building the 1st Tuesday of each month. Welcome to Medicare seminars are held in Mobile and Baldwin County from 9am  until noon and Escambia County 10am-11:30am .  For additional information, contact James Roberson at 706-4617.


Notice a change when you call SARPC to reach the Area Agency on Aging?  Our 1-800-AGE-LINE now directly connects to our Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)  and centralizes intake for all aging and disability programs. The direct line is 706-4680.  If you need  "Answers on Aging" give us a call! 
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