August 2017
From rain-soaked Austin, we are sending our love and energy to our friends, family, and partners in the Houston region - a great global community that has suffered immense destruction in Hurricane Harvey. We encourage you to donate to the American Red Cross' efforts to help families impacted by the storm. Thank you.

If you work in economic development marketing, you have probably used the words "great", "outstanding", or "world-class" to describe your workforce, industry strengths, or quality of life. While brags have their place (we know, we're from Texas), nothing validates your claims more than hard data.

Avalanche's sister company, Headlight Data, released its annual rankings of the fastest and slowest growing manufacturing counties in the nation. Along with data more specific to subsectors of the manufacturing industry, Headlight Data was able to create a picture of the health of the US manufacturing industry over the last 30 years.

Read more and see if your county made one of Headlight Data's top 10 manufacturing counties. Or check out Headlight Data's News & Media page for articles on the top manufacturing counties in industries like Food, Plastics, and Fabricated Metals. 

All the information and graphics from Headlight Data's manufacturing articles are free for you to use, so we encourage you to take full advantage of these resources!  

If you'd like more information on how Headlight Data can provide innovative data solutions for your community, contact Chris Engle. 


The best part of our work is watching our clients succeed.  Sharing their good news with others is our favorite part of our newsletter and social media outreach. 

Kannapolis NC in the Charlotte region announced this month that Amazon will be opening a distribution center in the community that is expected to open in 2019, bringing 600 new jobs to the region.  

Longmont CO made WalletHub's Top 10 Cities for first-time home buyers, and was named Number 1 in living environment. (Go go go City of Longmont and Longmont EDP!) Longmont's expanding entertainment amenities and affordable housing options are what put Longmont in the Top 10. 

According to CNBC, Georgia is the America's #2 state for business in 2017. Georgia's strong economy, workforce, and infrastructure helped it top the list, and jump 6 spots up from its position in 2016. Good news for our Georgia clients, including the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Douglas County Development Authority, the Greater Columbus Georgia Economic Development Development Alliance, and the  LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce

If you have positive news about your community you'd like to share with us, email  We'll be sure to celebrate with you.

Headlight Data's manufacturing rankings and the rankings of the fastest growing metro economies have been featured by several news outlets over the past month. Forbes, the Dallas Business Journal, and Industry Week have all written about Headlight's recently released data, and the Dallas Business Journal and Industry Week also spoke to Headlight Data President Chris Engle about the implications of the rankings in today's economy. Check out the articles below for more - 

A recent Forbes article covered Headlight Data's Top 10 Fastest Growing Metro Economies rankings, including a slideshow of the metros. 

A Dallas Business Journal article spoke to Headlight Data Present/Avalanche Consulting Vice President Chris Engle about manufacturing in Texas. 

Chris Engle spoke to Industry Week about the recent changes in the US manufacturing industry, and which sectors are proving especially strong. 


Action is Avalanche's middle name, and August has been action-packed. We started the month with our third visit to Atlanta to facilitate open houses across the region, engaging residents in the creation of a CEDS for the  Atlanta Regional Commission. Tony led the roll out of our unifying strategy in Amarillo, which was unanimously adopted by the AEDC and City Council. He even starred in a one-hour segment on Panhandle PBS. Chris traveled to NC's beautiful Triad Region to lead workforce alignment conversations and see dear partners who we first worked with 15 years ago on a CEDS for NWNC.  (BTW, apparently no one in NWNC ages... talking to you, Jan Critz.) 

Last week, the moon, sun, and stars aligned in Charlotte at SEDC's annual conference, where we cautiously avoided being blinded during the eclipse with good friends (hey, Lyndi Berrones!) and gave a rocking presentation on talent alignment.

Here are a few snapshots of Avalanche in action:

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