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No, "the dog days of summer," do not refer to summer days so hot that even dogs lie around panting. We often hear the phrase to describe something like that-but originally, the phrase actually had nothing to do with dogs, or even with the lazy days of summer. The dog days refer to the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the sky.

To the Greeks and Romans, the "dog days" occurred around the day when Sirius rises and sets with the sun.  As the brightest star in the night sky, ancient Romans thought Sirius added heat to the Sun's heat causing hotter temperatures.

Stay cool as all of us tend to be a bit on the  lazy side during these "dog days"

Plant Nanny - A great way to make sure your plants stay watered while you are away on summer vacation!


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Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest


Congratulations to Nana and Saralyn Jacobson Richard!  Nana received the most likes on Facebook.
We hope that Nana will come with Saralyn to Tom's Thumb Nursery to receive her $50 gift card. 


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Fairy Gardening Class

Saturday, August 13   from 10am to noon

Fee for this class:  $30


Reservations Required

There is a $30 charge for this workshop which covers everything you need to create a unique fairy garden.  We have lots of new fairies and accessories from which to choose.  

Join Peggy and Staff for a peek into the magical world of fairy gardening.

Space is limited.........reserve your space now!

Call 409-763-4713 

Fairy Gardening
Seasonal Information and Sales

Vegetables & Herbs -  It is time to start your Fall Garden this month!  We have tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and more.


$7.99  1 gallon

Pride of Barbados

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

$12.50 - 3 gal

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia mexicana
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Select 3 gallon Bougainvillea
All Fruit Trees
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Drift Roses
Knock Out Rose
Knockout Roses
  $5 All Hybrid Tea & Floribunda Roses $5

 From our Landscape Architect 
"  Trees II  -  The first year with your new tree."
  by Janielle Guzinski
Yay, you've chosen and successfully planted your new tree.  Now what to do?  There are a few things to do to ensure your new tree thrives over the course of the year. 
1.  Observe your tree and be gentle
This new tree is rapidly growing in ways that we can't even see and we have to be careful not to damage tender new growth and roots.  Harsh chemicals can burn new, sensitive roots like harsh soaps can damage a baby's skin.  It is important to correct any problems speedily and in the appropriate manner.  I don't recommend anything other than organic sprays or treatments when the plant is new, with the exception of slow release fertilizers since they don't dump a large amount of chemicals at one time.  I know even knew trees can get caterpillars or insects, but you may need to let it go for the season or treat with a safe and gentle organic option. 
2.  How to water over time? 
Now, I recommended a deep watering with a hose for newly planted trees.  Be careful not to damage the trunk with water spray.  Set the hose to a trickle and let the area inside the berm of mulch fill with water. 
If you are planting in the heat of summer, and it is HOT summer so far, you should continue with that kind of deep watering for about a month.  For the first week or two, I recommend water every day.  Then you can switch down to every other day for two weeks, and then down to 1-2 times per week until the heat breaks in September. 
If you are planting in a cooler season, I would recommend cutting the water schedule in half.  Only one week at every day, one week at every other, a third week at every third day, and then down to once per week unless it rains. 
The most important thing about watering is to watch your tree.  In the heat you want to watch out for leaf curl and wilting as signs that the tree isn't getting enough water.  Any yellowing or lime green on the leaves is usually a sign of overwatering and can be treated by cutting back on the water and applying iron to green-up the tree. 
3.  Stakes and mulch as you move forward
When the tree was planted, you made a berm of mulch about 4" tall at the edge of the planting hole.  This serves to keep water in as well as reduce weed competition.  I would leave that berm for the first year.  If you need to add mulch you can, but I would let it decay and collapse on its own.  You do have to be careful about filling it in.  Don't do that! You do not want to start building up mulch on the trunk.  That can lead to disease and problems. 
As for any stakes, you will probably want to leave them on for the first year, or at least through the first hurricane season.  The purpose of the stakes is to ensure that the tree gets anchored in an upright and straight position.  Removing the stakes early may cause the tree to tilt if it is not fully rooted in and gets hit by a lot of wind.  But keep an eye out for the strap around your tree.  Remove it, move it, or loosen it if your truck started growing over the strap or getting constricted by it. 

Too much mulch

Staked too long

  Too much water

SEASIDE CASUAL Outdoor Furniture 

Our furniture sale continues through the end of Summer 
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