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August 2015



"People don't notice whether it's winter 
or summer when they're happy."
-  Anton Chekhov Russian playwright and author
 Your happiness is guaranteed at Tom's Thumb Nursery this month.
Whether you're planting a fall garden, planning for that end of summer party,
or just looking for something to do, Tom's Thumb is the place to be this August. 
Fall vegetables are arriving, fantastic summer sales are happening, and a potting class is scheduled.
Happiness guaranteed.




In this newsletter you will find....... 

25% off


  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for August
  • From Our Landscape Architect:  "The Path Less Traveled"  
  • Charlie's 10% off Coupon
  • 50% off Plant Sale
  • Pottery:  New Colors, Shapes, Finishes and Glazes 
  • Event:  Create a "Sun Pot" 
  • Around the Gift Shop
  • Seaside Casual Furniture:  25% off MAD and SYM Collections
  • Mark Your Calendar:  Andi Chidester of LadyBug Brand Organics 


Seasonal Ideas and Information for August 

Fig Trees 50% off
Vegetables & Herbs  - It's time to start your Fall Garden this month.            

We have tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and more!

Interplanting -

"Interplanting" by Patty Glenn Leander (from "Texas Gardener" magazine)

".........if you've ever grown basil between your tomatoes or planted flowers at the edge of the vegetable garden, you have successfully interplanted!" ...........to read more click here..... 


 Diatomaceous Earth



Organic Boost for Summer Plants

20% off
LadyBug Brand
John's Recipe


Organic Lawn Care Guide  

"An organic lawn care program works with nature, not against it. This gives the lawn just what it needs to be green and healthy, and more resistant to diseases and pests. This program is also safer for children, pets, and our aquifers - therefore our drinking water. It also saves money in the long run, since it takes less fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides overall."  by LadyBug Brand Organics

to read more.........

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Lawn Fungus  

          Brown Patch


APPLY FUNGICIDE  - to control lawn fungus disease




 From our Landscape Architect 

"The Path Less Traveled"  by Janielle Guzinski 


The task of plant selection for a home garden, a commercial property, or a public space can be pretty daunting.  So we turn to our favorites, plants we know from experience will do well and look good here in Galveston.  That is a great thing!  We always want to use plants that are going to live in our difficult conditions.  BUT sometimes we get stuck in a rut and don't consider other/new/different plants.  I'd like to show you some of the more unusual plants we have here at Tom's Thumb that you might want to consider adding to your newest gardening project.


Mexican Orchid Tree - Bauhinia mexicana

This 10'-20' shrubby tree is related to the orchid tree that we all know.  However, the flowers on this plant are smaller, white, and really remind me of butterflies.  It is a drought tolerant tree that attracts butterflies, especially swallowtails.


Pineapple Lily - Eucomis comosa

A perennial bulb, this flower is characterized by fleshy, tropical-looking leaves and flowers that are shaped like pineapples.  They tolerate a variety of light conditions, but are not salt tolerant enough for a house on either beach or bay.  The flowers last a long time on the plant and off;  I like them in floral arrangements.


St. Thomas Tree - Bauhinia tomentosa

Another orchid tree relative, this is a medium shrub that usually grows 6'-9' tall and wide.  The branches are a bit twiggy, but the evergreen leaves cover up that fact.  The leaves are much smaller on this shrub than  on the majority of orchid trees, giving a fluttery look when they move in the breeze.  The yellow blooms start in early summer and continue sporadically well into fall.  It is drought tolerant, but prefers a moist, well-draining soil.


Banana Shrub - Michelia figo

This is not a banana, I have to make that clear.  It is related to magnolias.  The name comes from the fragrance of the yellow flowers.  When it blooms, mostly in the spring with some flowers later in the season, it smells like bananas.  This is a plant that likes water, so I would only plant it in a garden with regular irrigation.  However, if you have a good spot for this shrub by an entrance where you would smell the fragrance every day, it really is fantastic.



St Thomas Tree
Bauhinia tormentosa

Mexican Orchid Tree
Bauhinia mexicana

Pineapple Lily
Eucomis comosa
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1 gallon and 3 gallon container plants


50% off


Azaleas    *    Palms    *    Yuccas    *    Grasses


Hibiscus    *    Bougainvillea


All Roses    including Knockouts and Drift Roses


Cannas    *    Bananas


Hawthorns    *    Oleanders


Flowering Vines - on trellis

Rangoon Creeper    *    Mandevilla    *    Jasmine


Fruit Trees

Papaya    *    Banana    *    Figs    


Knock Out Rose


 New Arrival:  Pottery


Handcrafted Beauty:   made to last generations

Quality and Durability: made from mineral-rich black clay

Elephant Pots and the  
Brooklyn Tall Set

Trier Planter Group

Spago Bowl
Tall Egg Planter in luna finish

Tall Egg Planter in blue

Savannah Basin and the
Milan Short Square

Event:  Create a "Sun Pot" 

Saturday, August 15


Let us help you create a beautiful potted plant to last thru the summer heat.  

Bring your own pot or we can help you select one for your home.


Choose from our selection of colorful annuals, lasting perennials, edible herbs and more!

Around the Gift Shop


Custom Floral Accents by Judy Moran

A beautiful succulent arrangement that will last!




Loving Summer At The Beach!


Beach Tent set up instructions

Beach tents can be erected quickly and easily by one person by following 3 simple steps.


STEP 1:Lay down center cross bar pole on ground where you want to set up your tent. Place 2 yellow pole holders at each end of the cross bar and hammer in with mallet. Then insert 2 vertical poles into pole holders. Lift center cross bar pole and attach on top of spikes of vertical poles. You now have a freestanding structure.


STEP 2: Place tent over structure and insert spike of 

vertical poles through desired tent rings.


STEP 3: Insert peg in sand at 45 degrees of tent corner with mallet then loop through corner tent rope through peg and attach clip back on rope. Repeat for all corners. Then revisit each corner and slide the clip further up the rope to fasten until taut.



Beach Tent features
  • 99% UV protective
  • Only beach tent that can be put up by one person
  • 100 % cotton canvas material 
  • Canvas Size 3.6 x 1.8 meters
  • Folds out to give 3m² of sun protection enough for your whole family
  • 2 x upright poles and 1 top cross bar pole matt silver aluminium
  • Poles are 23 mm diameter for extra strength and stability
  • 2 x Pole stays - Lightweight polycarbonate cylindrical sand stay that holds the tent post in place on the sand whilst you set up your tent. 
  • 4 x Ropes - already connected to the canvas by swage and crimp for ease of erecting on first occasion.
  • 4 x Guy rope clips that are quick and easy to use
  • 4 x polycarbonate sand pegs
  • 1 x Lightweight polycarbonate mallet
  • 10 heavy duty double stitched eyelets for maximum strength
  • Quality Reinforced edge webbing around the entire canvas
  • Easy to carry with matching carry bag with hand or shoulder straps




25% off 
in stock 
SYM and MAD Collections only 
Simple.  Youthful.  Modern.




Mark Your Calendar

Saturday, September 19


Andi Chidester will be back for another organic gardening class.


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