August Newsletter
What's New at Patterson PT??
We have decided to start a monthly newsletter keeping our clients up to date on our success relative to PT clinics around the country, current success stories, staff features, healthy eating recipes, and tips on avoiding injuries. This issue features:

- Corinne Baker and her experience at Patterson PT!

- Which Staff Member's favorite athlete is Hines Ward (Pittsburg Steeler)?

- Healthy Seafood Recipes for the Summer

- Tips on how to stay active at the pool this summer!

- Nancy's Fall Yoga Class Schedule! -  CLICK HERE for more information

HELP US HELP YOU - Lawmakers in DC are voting to repeal the Medicare Cap, we need your help! Click HERE for more information and how you can help.

- Thank you for donating your lacrosse sticks! Click HERE to see how successful Camp Fihavanana was this summer.

-Posture Clinic: September 11th 7-8pm, Click HERE for more information
Want to ensure independence in your home?
The staff of Stay Home Safely came to give us an inservice, and we were impressed with their knowledge and customer service! Here is some more info about their services:

- Stay Home Safely: Stay Home Safely, LLC provides home modifications through the eyes of physical therapists, to keep you safe and independent in your own home. Home modifications can range from small changes (changing rug and furniture layouts) to installing grab bars, and even relocating a master suite to the main floor. They will provide you with a thorough home assessment to determine your individual, specific needs and continue to work with you to make sure the job is completed in a timely and aesthetically pleasing fashion.
Click HERE to view more information on their website 

Where are they now?? Featuring: Corinne Baker

 Q&A with Patterson PT Client

What first brought you to Patterson PT? 
The first time I came to Patterson PT was for physical therapy for my hip replacement back in 2011. All my neighbors said there’s only one place you can go, and that’s Patterson PT. They were correct!

What are you up to now? 
I have been coming to Patterson PT for years for both physical therapy and Fit Club, and it has made a huge difference in my life. Daily activities that I used to struggle with like walking over bumpy grass, or picking things up off the floor are much easier for me now after exercising with Patterson PT. I also feel I have more energy and stamina than I did before. Most importantly, I have greater self-confidence in my ability to accomplish certain tasks. I am much more confident doing things like going up and down stairs and getting up off the floor, which makes a big difference in my life because it does not limit me from traveling or visiting new places.

How did Patterson PT help get you to where you are now?
           Because of my neuropathy, I needed to keep my body in fit condition as much as possible to keep the neuropathy in my legs from getting worse. I started attending Fit Club after my physical therapy, which brought me greater confidence in balance and total body strength. This year, I started the AquaFit class which has been incredible! AquaFit is fantastic because there is more resistance with less gravity, which gives you a total body workout without pain. I know this class has helped improve my strength and balance in everyday life. I also like AquaFit because Randi is able to include people of all different abilities and experience levels, which doesn’t exclude anyone from being part of the class. It’s fun to make friends while exercising.
           I really notice how much Fit Club and AquaFit have benefited me in my daily life. After taking 2 months off because I was traveling over the summer, I realized how much it was helping me once I had stopped. Now, I realize it’s so important I never want to give it up!

What is your favorite thing about working at Patterson PT?
The people and the therapists. Everybody says it’s a family type of atmosphere, definitely not a normal clinical experience. Here, I’m not just a number, I know everyone at Patterson PT cares about me. You feel welcome every time you come in, which is important. The camaraderie built within the group classes is also fun. It makes me want to go to exercise because we joke and have a good time.
           Additionally, I’m not just treated for one specific problem. Therapists and trainers here look at my whole body and give general helpful tips, which really makes a difference.
Most importantly, I have great trust in the ability of the therapists.
Get to know Physical Therapist Beth Patterson
Click   HERE  to get to know Beth and Her journey to Patterson PT.
Take advantage of the Pool this Summer
The pool can be a great place for exercise, the water gives you resistance but at the same time decreases body weight, allowing you to get in a good workout with less pain! Here are some exercises you can try while at the pool this summer.
**Disclaimer** DO NOT start a new exercise program without checking with your physician or physical therapist**

1. Walking
- Walking through the water is more difficult than it may seem due to the resistance the water provides. Start in the shallow end, then work deeper as you get stronger.

2. Marching
- Not enough space to walk across the pool? Marching in place is also exercise. Add floatation devices to your feet to make it more challenging.

3. "Cross Country Skiing"
- Have a noodle? If you are comfortable, venture into the deep end with a floatation device and alternate your legs forwards and backwards while keeping them as straight as possible. 

4. Swimming
- If you have the space, lap swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, any stroke, any speed!

Patterson PT has  AquaFit  classes available if you are interested in seeing how you can make the water work for you! Next Class starts October 16. Call 410-647-1961 TODAY to register.
"The water is such a great place to work out as many, who have been previous patients at Patterson, know. It is safe and allows you to challenge yourself during every workout. The class is a big hit and is really filling up fast. We progress each workout so that you are improving your stamina, building strength and improving your body awareness. Come join us for the next session and see for yourself." - Randi Wiley, PTA
Healthy Eating Summer Seafood Recipes

Crab and Vegetable Casserole
Avocados with Lemony Crab Salad
Quote of the Month:
"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou