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Coming out and see us!

Resource Recycling Conference
AUSTIN  -  August 27-28

Texas Association of Counties Pre-Legislative Conference
AUSTIN  -  August 29-30

Texas Municipal League
Annual Conference
GRAPEVINE  -  November 13-16
Texas Bottle Bill
August Update
Bottlemobile team 1
In this month's update we present the one and only Texas Bottle Mobile! Mary, Mike and Patsy (L-R above) are traveling the state to educate and inspire friends like you! Please post a SHOUT OUT on our FB page when you see us in your town. When you see us, be sure to get your flower seeds! We have native Texas wildflower seeds from Wildseeds Farm to give you. See where we have been already!

  Texas we have a PROBLEM!

Beverage containers are polluting our waterways, littering our highways, filling (overflowing!) our trash cans.

 Each plastic bottle is a miniature oil spill. It takes 1/4 a cup of crude oil

to make a 16oz water bottle.


  • Each aluminum can recycled saves enough energy to run a TV for 2 hours.
  • Glass manufacturers plan to use 50% of recycled material to produce new glass bottles by the end of 2013. This step will save enough energy to power 45,000 households for a year, and 181,550 tons of waste from landfills per month.
    • bottle and can

  • Beverage containers made up 29% of litter by count in the 2009 TxDot Visible Litter Study. 

  • The General Land Office's September 2011
    Adopt-a-Beach program found over 34,000 beverage containers on 190 miles. (Do the math!)
  • Across the nation 5 cent deposits PREVENT containers from becoming the wasted products we see in Texas.

  • Clean ups only treat the SYMPTOMS of litter and wasteful behaviors.

  • Curbside works for the 30% of people who have it. At approximately $60 a bin, it would cost Texas over $432 million to cover all the single family homes. Not so lucky are apartment dwellers, businesses, and schools.
Beach trash can
Refundable deposits move containers from the waste stream,
into the recycling stream.   

Deposit programs help capture
the away-from-home drink containers
 (i.e. parks and beaches).


The Weakest Link
Our weakest link is our social media network. We moved from our 2011 Facebook "group" to our present Texas Bottle Bill "page" and many
of our friends have yet to migrate with us. Please show your support and "like us" on our new location... 
and then share, share,

share! container-deposits We want to SHOUT OUT to Texas'
25 million citizens to contact their legislators and urge support of this effort to create jobs, reduce our land and water litter issues, and leave our Earth a better place then it is today! If we say nothing and do nothing, we can expect nothing to change. Really? Is that OK with you? 

Less Litter.  More Jobs. Cleaner Texas.
"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed individuals, to change the world, 
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead