To God be the Glory 
September 15, 2016


Brice & Brinslee, loving on their momma (Brittany)!

 Heather, Sydney & LaDonna doing yard work!

Megan excited about pulling vines! :)

Brittany & Heather learning how to "woman-up!"

Saturday Fun! 

Kayla taking her time grooming Reyghan!

Megan, learning how to clean out their hooves.

Focus Kayla!

Ballerina Megan! (doing her horse exercises!)
Sunday Funday! 
Women of God! 
Heather & Sydney getting ready for COA! (Cry Out America!)

                              LaDonna speaking The Word over the River!   

La Donna, Kayla and Megan, taking in the scenery before COA starts! 

                *CELEBRATE RECOVERY!*
Smile, pose for the frame! 

LaDonna picking up her 90 day chip!
Brittany picking up her 9 month chip! Glory be to God!!
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