Learn extraordinary diagnostic & treatment tools of Auricular Medicine from Dr Li-Chun Huang's Disciple,  Dr TruthSayer, DAOM, LAC, Dip.OM, LMFT.   

                       "THE EARS CAN TALK"

  • Diagnose & Treat over 200 diseases revealed by the auricles
  • Diagnose & Treat all systems: cardio, digestive, respiratory, etc
  • Diagnose & Treat all organs: kidneys, heart, liver, etc
  • Diagnose & Treat past, current, and earliest start of conditions
  • Treat the body precisely where determined from the auricles
  • Solve and Treat complex, chronic cases comprehensively
  • Get outstanding clinical results that help grow your practice
  • Reduce your reliance on low and slow pay insurance

Auricular Medicine Classes:
LEVEL 1: April 30 & May 1st / 9 - 5:00  
                Registration:  $365 
               15 CEU's
LEVEL 2: March 19th & 20 / 9:00 - 5:00 
                 Registration:  $365.00     
15 CEU's

LEVEL 3: May 28 & 29 / 9:00 - 5:00
                  Registration: $365.00
                  15 CEU's

Location: 820 Fifth Ave, San Rafael 
                 Transcendental Acupuncture 

Auricular Medicine Certification
complete all 8 Classes in 2016. 


Cancellation Policy: 80% Refund with 30 days prior to the event written request.
Learn Auricular Medicine and RSVP today 
by calling 415-686-1193 or

Attending Practitioners of Auricular Medicine taught by 
Dr. TruthSayer have raved!

"Mastery of Subject, Clear Presentation, Motivating 
Shared Clinical Information."
"Effective patient prescriptions- I will use this in my practice." 

"I didn't know so much diagnosis could be done with the ear."

"The ears speak and tell the patient's health story."

"Great diagnostic tools as well as treatment modalities."

In every class, Dr TruthSayer shares a wealth of information, practical clinical
experience, prescriptions, point locations and their applications, and cases.
The icing on the cake is an hour and a half live demonstration of Auricular
Medicine diagnosis in which she shows how the auricles with no prior patient
input "talk" in detail to her about the condition of the patient's entire body.

Learn  for yourself  how "The Ears Can Talk" - Dr Huang Li-Chun's .

Dr. TruthSayer | Transcendental Acupuncture Clinic | 415-686-1193 | drtruthsayer@aol.com    www.drtruthsayer.com

Classes are offered through The Institute of Auricular & Transcendental Medicine.
IATM provides public education,  lectures, seminars, supervision, training, externships & classes in Auricular Medicine and Transcendental Medicine for  Medical Professionals,     Master's and Doctoral  Students.