July 21, 2012     

A Response to the Aurora Tragedy

From Carlton Pearson 


The tragedy in Aurora Colorado is evidence that feelings buried alive don't heal. Anger is a signal emotion. It signals emotions, commotions and possibly devotions in one's life that have never been appropriately dealt with.






Where there is tension, there is attention and where there is attention, there is intention. That young man planned last night's destruction and did it with passionate, powerful destructive intention. It was born out of nurtured anger, fear and self pity. Rather than mastering his emotions, he became a slave to them and hundreds of people, both directly and indirectly became victims of his stress filled emotions and nurtured anger.

Anyone of us could and would do the same thing if we lived in the same consciousness as that perpetrator of such hideous disregard for others. When you hate yourself indiscriminately, you can easily hate others with the same passionate dispassion.

These are stressful times globally. I read that one million employees miss work daily because of stress. Scientists tell us that chronic stress can make your age 37 years older than you are physically.

A pet peeve, something we all have, is something you love to hate, creating toxicity and the adrenaline kick or high one gets out of it. It can manifest in any number of violent ways. There will, no doubt be copy cat incidents across the country, especially when the news media has such a frenzy about it, keeping it before the masses for hours and days on end. Glorifying these type incidents tends to also glamorize them. After so long, they no longer seem tragedies, but rather become entertainment and tabloid enticements.

We are not what happens to us, we are what we choose to become. Experience is not what happens to us, it is what we do with what happens to us.

Economic crisis, social instability, political upheavals, along with public discontent, gives rise to kind of cultural panic and pathology the produces the violence our country is witnessing, not only in this much publicized Aurora Colorado event, but hundreds of less known acts of violence in the streets, homes and neighborhoods of our country and the world.

We must personally and collectively learn the disciplines of meditation, more than medication. Medical Drs are now telling us, that laughter lowers blood pressure and releases tensions inwardly. Deep breathing, exercise, meditation and even venting to or with trusted friends etc helps release tension and even avoid it.

Remembering to love, more than learning to, is yielding to our intrinsic nature and doing so, recalls and reclaims the inner peace and bliss we were all born with and that remains the DNA of our essential nature and being.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!
Carlton Pearson

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