September 2015

I/O Link
Heres' what you need to know...

One hot area in automation is IO Link. Balluff is a leader in supporting IO Link which allows you to use 3 wire cables to integrate components simply and easily over an open standard. Here are the resources you need to better understand how IO Link can help you:

Error Proofing


Error proofing is the process by which processes are verified, tracked and handled throughout a manufacturing process. Through the use of RFID, vision, and sensors (also known as Poka-Yoke devices), Balluff leads the way in providing a full range of error proofing techniques.

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Matt Pucke
Product Manager - Electric

Rankin Automation is proud to introduce Matt Pucke as our new Product Manager in charge of electrical products. Matt has seven years of experience with Balluff in sales roles and will be able to further strengthen our support of the entire Balluff product line. Matt starts October 1st - send him an email to welcome him or if he can help you with Balluff, Festo or Beckhoff.

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