3 Day Galactic Portal 

The Autumnal Equinox is much more than marking the season before the nights get longer and the leaves change color, soon to parachute from branches to the ground below. The sun is rising later now and nightfall comes sooner. At this equinox, day and night are approximately equal in length. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, people are enjoying the cooler days of autumn even as preparations for winter are underway

This is a time of a powerful 3 Day Galactic Portal time and the Birthing of The Shift: whereby there is a wonderful Opportunity to set the pattern/s of your Life to exactly how YOU want it to look, like or be. A beginning of a true quickening of "Realty" shifts based on your "output" of energies of your thoughts, words, intentions, and deeds. A great time for creating with an open -heart based Consciousness. Positive, loving, benevolent, life affirming, compassionate energies bring quick" like" experiences.. 
Autumn Equinox Radio Show Friday Sept. 22!
Remember you can call in with your questions.  The program is scheduled for Friday, September 22, 2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, 8:00 PM Central Time, and 6:00 PM Pacific Time.  

It's time to move forward into a new season and this one calls for us to let go of what we do not need.  In this program I will be discussing the significance of the autumn equinox and its history as well as Answering Your Questions. This also begins the Cherokee New Year and this celebration lasts for 14 days.  So we have a lot to rejoice and enjoy with the fall season So join me on this lovely Friday evening as we celebrate a new season. Click on the link below for details.
Listen to the New Moon Radio Program

You can listen to the live radio program at your convenience as it is now available as an archive.  It was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed working with my co host Lena.  It has been three years since I did a radio program and it was a fun experience.