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Hot Mama Yoga

Teacher Training

Starts September 30th

 more info here  


Mommie Time in Namaste

Mommy Time Yoga 

 more info here  


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Couples Yoga for Birthing Workshop 

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Birthing from Within

Birth Preparation Classes 

More Info here


Veronica & Ilo

Meet the Teachers

 at NWSY

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Rug Rat Yoga

Family Yoga & Kids Yoga

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What a beautiful time of year! Heading into Autumn I always find myself coming out of the depths of fire purification after the summer months. No matter how much I try to relax and enjoy the hot season of summer, I always seem to find some sort of transformation that rocks my world. In yogic text it is called Tapas. Something I am all too familiar with. Being in the Tapas of life, the friction, is where we grow. Not always fun, actually not fun at all, but SO worthy. I am happy to announce, yet one again, I survived! No matter how painful, how quickly I get side swiped when not paying attention or how far I put myself out there, I always find my way back and up on my feet with the help of my practices, amazing mentor, a solid life coach and authentic friends. Times like these are always the appropriate times to turn my lotus flower inside out and offer the nectars back to those that choose to partake in the juiciness of my experiences, absorbing the practices as their own. I hope you will join me soon and nourish yourself in this amazing garden that I am all too willing to share. 

In the midst of transformation, I traveled to Colorado where I certified the next group of Hot Mama Yoga Teachers. An amazing group of gals + a 12 week old little girl, the youngest graduate yet. In my business, I am supporting moms that want to be with their children so this was my first training with a baby in attendance. It looks like this is the new norm for training's at Nature's Whisper School of Yoga, so if you are putting off a training because of childcare, look no further. Call me and let's talk!

Below you will be able to indulge in the upcoming training and expansion information. I am especially enthusiastic to be offering my newest training The Unconventional Yogini. With the watering down of training's due to bogus "registration organizations" I have decided to step away from the lack of authenticity of these so-called registration organizations and step it up in my curriculum (which not surprising, was always above and beyond their standards anyway). If you want to know more about why I made this decision to boycott these registering organizations, watch for my blog. I will be writing about it soon, but first I am clearing all of my own emotion so that I can bring you the facts. You can follow my blog here.
If you wish to know more about these deep offerings, contact me today!

My passion is to share with others the way toward living a more authentic life, the good, the bad, the dirty! This is not always the easy way, but then why take the path of least resistance when you can step it up a notch and take the path toward being real? The offerings I have for you this Autumn are all about living more fully, being more authentic and stepping it up to recollect the wisdom of the person you are meant to be in this life.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey!
In peace, love & juiciness,

Upcoming ways to step it up:

Sacred Movement~womens space only

The Unconventional Yogini~100 hours before you step on the mat

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Yogic Life Mentoring 

TwitterJolie's Blog

Flower Power Training LabyrinthFlower Power
OM with LoveNature's Whisper Yoga
School of Yoga

P R E S E N T S  

Flower PowerThe Unconventional YoginiFlower Power

100 hours before you step on the mat

Life Training for TEACHERS and students of LIFE


Starts October 7th, 2011!


 The prerequisite to    

 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training


Winter 2011-2012   

San Diego

For more information visit    
Nature's Whisper School of Yoga 

or contact Jolie directly for exciting details

about the training that wrote the book





Flower PowerContinuing Education Flower Power 

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Flower PowerHot Mama YogaFlower Power

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training  
Starts September 30th, 2011

San Diego, Ca



Flower PowerRestorative YogaFlower Power

Teacher Training

Winter 2011/2012
San Diego, Ca

Winter 2011/2012

Email Jolie directly if interested at

For more details visit

Nature's Whisper

Flower PowerExpanding the LotusFlower Power 


Flower PowerSacred MovementFlower Power 

 Visit here for more details & registration information 
Flower PowerHot Mama & Buddha Baby Yoga
Prenatal, Post Natal & Baby Yoga

 hot mama sepia
new purple header croppedHot Mama Prenatal Yoga 
World Peace begins in the Womb!
Join our growing BELLY group
of pregnant goddesses

prenatal partner sepiaFlower PowerHot Mama Prenatal Yoga
Partners Welcome   

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new purple header cropped
Buddha Baby Postnatal Yoga  Connect back to your body, baby
& other moms!

                      Play groups formed here

Prenatal & women of all rhythms are
welcome at any Hot Mama Yoga Class

For Schedule  click here  
Flower Power

Mommie Time Yoga 


 Flower PowerKids Space   PlaycareFlower Power   

San Diego's 1st Studio to offer Kids Space

Mommie Time in Namaste 
Enjoy your practice while your child has
yoga playtime in the room next door with a

qualified Kids Space teacher

Wednesday's & Friday's
9:30-10:45am with Jolie

Regular class packs honored + $5 per child

Infants & children of all stages welcome



1st come ~1st accommodated  


Flower PowerVinyasa MamaFlower Power
Vinyasa mama plow pose
Enjoy your practice while your child enjoys free space IN the Yoga Practice room. This is a Mommy focused practice, unlike Buddha Baby Yoga, where you may tend
to your child but remain in the focus of your practice


with Mama Veronica & Baby Ilo

children free

Infants & children of all stages welcome  


Daddy's Welcome!

Brent & Thea
Daddy Brent & Baby Thea

Flower Power   Flower Power   Flower Power

Flower PowerThe Birthing Field
Supporting women before, during & after birth

Flower PowerCouples Yoga Workshop for BirthingFlower Power

prenatal partner sepia


Saturday, August 27th, 2011


registration required~Space limited for intimacy  


Register now~this will sell out

 Buy Now

Service fee with credit card payment

To mail a check, make payable to 

Nature's Whisper &  send here 


Flower PowerBirthing from WithinFlower Power

Birth Preparation Class 

with Nicole Morales 

bey w/partner hands cropped


Nature's Whisper  

September 11th-October 26th

November 6th-December 18th

Sunday's 6:30-8:30pm

Click here for registration

registration requires payment 


Buy Now

Service fee with credit card payment

To mail a check, make payable to Nature's Whisper & send here    



Flower Power

Rug Rat Programs

Music, Movement & Communication


Rug Rat Yoga    

 Family yoga (all ages)

Kids Yoga (3-8yrs old) 

New Series Starts June 2nd!
registration required 

Contact Nature's Whisper Yoga to register

Flower Power      Flower Power      Flower Power
Sngbirds music
Summer session starts September 15th! 
to register, contact Ms. Diana 

Flower Power      Flower Power      Flower Power

sweet talkers
with Sweet Talkers Baby Sign Language
New Series starts August 9th

contact Ms. Lorien to register

Flower PowerNature's Whisper Yoga Studio Schedule 
University Heights

Flower PowerNew Classes & SpecialsFlower Power    


Thursday7:30pm with Craig 

Energetic Vinyasa Flow  

Happening now & getting lots of BUZZ! 


NEW Prenatal Class!  

Wednesday's 6pm with Karyn     
Prenatal Accommodated
All levels general public welcome

NEW Vinyasa Mama Class!  

Tuesday's 9:15-10:30am with Veronica
Mommy focused~Babies (and children) welcome
All levels Vinyasa class to help you get your body back Taught by a mom herself~Veronica Geretz

NEW Hatha Yoga Class!  

Thursday 9:15-10:30am Hatha Yoga
STARTS September 22nd  

RETURNIING Restorative Yoga Class!   
Friday 6:00-7:15pm
Restorative Yoga for the Back with Jolie
STARTS September 23rd


2 weeks for $25 now through September 30th


NEW SPECIAL! 30 days Unlimited Yoga for $69

Directions to Nature's Whisper Yoga Studio
Flower PowerThe Healing Space 

at Nature's Whisper



Renee Gauthier 



renee gauthier 


Sonia Reece



sonia reece


Space Available for Rent

            Monthly~2 days available

 Contact NWSY for details          

Flower PowerSassy Seva Sisters
NWSY Philanthropic Division

Flower PowerSassy Seva SistersFlower Power
invites you to participate

Want to become a SASSY SEVA SISTER?

SSS is committed to the empowerment and support of women and children through the arts, music and movement.

SSS meets monthly
Contact Jolie for more information

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings be freed from suffering including ourselves