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They're Here
The very first shipment of the 2017 Grand Banks Swordfish have arrived!  Our first fish were certainly big, averaging between 250-300 lbs.  The latest shipment were caught in a famous feeding ground known as "Emerald Basin," which is close to the Grand and Georges Banks far off the Nova Scotia and Maine coasts.  They were harpoon caught which means there was no other bycatch and they were brought right on board.  This week when you're speaking with your sales agent, tell them you're looking for local Swordfish!

Mahi & Fluke Update
Summertime is traditionally a slower period for Mahi fishing off regions such as Ecuador and Panama, two of the world's biggest Mahi suppliers.  Warm water effects currents, feeding habits and migration of the fish.  Therefore, Mahi availability is limited with the same high demand.  We're hoping the Brazil Mahi season picks up in September along with other Central and South American countries in late October.  Fluke is also limited with strict quotas in Rhode Island, limited landings in the Carolina's and closed seasons in Massachusetts & New Jersey.  New Jersey Fluke season will open on September 3rd for a brief period, which should help with availability.  Here are perfect alternatives to substitute limited items that will have your guests raving.  

Alternative Nation: Fish Edition
Mahi is so good, but when it's limited, we have a great alternative to it. Ask us about Open Blue Cobia! Both fish have a firm texture and a mild to moderate flavor. Cobia's high fat content provides a buttery texture and mouth feel. Open Blue Cobia is raised off the coast of Panama in the largest open ocean mariculture system in the world. When Fluke gets pricey, try Nordic Flounder as a fantastic alternative. It has a pretty mild sweet flavor and a lean texture. Wild Alaska Salmon is awesome, but its availability varies area to area and the season for it doesn't last all year, so when this happens, Skuna Bay Salmon is a good alternative.

We Love Soft Shells 
New Jersey Crabs are shedding and that means Soft Shell Crabs!  The Delaware Bay is providing all sizes of Soft Shell Crabs. This may be the last big shed of the season, so order soon.   

The Japanese Obon holiday started on August 11th.  Obon is an annual holiday in which many honor the spirit of their ancestors.  With this holiday, brings a very high demand for Tuna in Japan.  Samuels has the highest quality Bigeye and Yellowfin available, however, Tuna shipments are more limited than their usual schedule. Your sales agent will keep you updated as we expect this market to remain this way for a few weeks.

Looking for a Great Tasting Salmon? 
Skuna Bay to Save the Day!- Imagine a Salmon pen that consists of 98.5% water and 1.5% fish. That's how Skuna Bay raises their Salmon - free to swim around Vancouver Island in spacious pens and build up those ever-important stomach muscles, making for one firm and tasty fish. Skuna Bay Salmon is available as a whole fish or fillets, and only 6% of them make the grade to be Skuna Bay. Skuna Bay has the Gold River Salmon Fillets Program which contains 5 fillets to a box with a tamper-proof seal, so your Salmon fillets will arrive straight from the ocean to your kitchen. Coming soon from Skuna Bay is the Gold River Perfect Portions Program; each case has a total of 40 portions at 6oz. each, all skin-off and pin-boned. Skuna Bay Salmon is backed by the James Beard Foundation too! Samuels is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Skuna Bay Salmon, and we're so excited for you to try it.  This month, Samuels customers can enjoy Skuna Bay whole fish on sale at $5.95/lb (3 fish per box) and Gold River Fillets at $10.95/lb (5 sides per box.) 

Samples for the Week
Texas Redfish is delectable and it has a texture similar to Red Snapper, which is medium-firm. Redfish also has a mild, sweet flavor and it's really tasty. Let your Samuels agent know if you're interested in the Texas Redfish! We also have Antarctic Icefish available. It's perfect for grilling, baking, or steaming and it has a clean and sweet taste. The Icefish is firm and has an oily white flesh. Give us a call if you'd like to try it - it's super unique!

Nootka Sound, Home of Skuna Bay's Craft Raised Salmon
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