Children, chaperones and aviators during our 1st Annual Aviation Awareness Day  in St. John the Baptist  Parish on   May 6, 2017.  
The Second Annual Aviation Awareness Day in St. John the Baptist Parish takes place on May 5, 2018, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Port of South Louisiana, Executive Regional Airport, 355 Airport Road, Reserve, Louisiana, 70084.

The primary purpose of this event is to expose and educate youth in St. John the Baptist Parish and surrounding parishes about aviation. This event is further designed to stimulate an interest in future educational and employment possibilities within S.T.E.M. related fields by exposing and educating young people on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics of flying.

Young aspiring Aviators Learning About Planes.
The secondary purpose is experiential.

Attendees will have a direct opportunity to enjoy a flight experience w
ith participating pilots. This experience directly engages boys and girls in aviation, introduces them to inspiring role models, and supports the primary purpose of stimulating an interest in future educational and employment opportunities within the field.

PLEASE NOTE:  All sponsorship commitments and recognition forms must be received by April 20,  2018 to permit our team the time to print all sponsor recognition and logo sensitive material for this event. 

Some of our Aviators during the  event.

Aviation Awareness Day in St. John the Baptist Parish is a second time event.

For this year's event, we are inviting children from schools in St. John the Baptist Parish and surrounding parishes.  We expect to host about a minimum of 1,500 children [ages 11-17] plus 1,500 adults composed of chaperones, parents,  media, public  officials and our event sponsors.

Last year, we flew over 300 children and more than 100 adults during this event.

Expected total=3,000

By attending our event,  children and families learn about aviation,  they meet role models and may develop an interest in a future S.T.E.M. related career.

After careful planning and consideration, we expect our budget for  this event to be $10,000  

These funds will be used to promote and execute the event and cover expenses including: fuel for participating airplanes, hotel rooms to host out of town pilots, event liability insurance, arm bands to use as identification for youths meeting flying eligibility requirements and other associated expenses.
Event participants engaging with an Aviator from one of our Fedex Sponsors.

We have various levels of sponsorship and corresponding benefits offered in appreciation of your support.  These involve name recognition, logo integration, event participation, and more.

For a complete list of sponsorship levels and benefits, plus our sponsor recognition form,  please download this sponsorship kit.

Read this Testimonial Letter of Support from one of our Event Partners, the Port  of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport.
Our team with Tuskegee Airman Calvin G. Moret and filmmaker Amy Serrano of Siren Films during Dr. Moret's last flight as shot for the film, "Airman: The Extraordinary Life of Calvin G. Moret." 


This event is being hosted  by the Guys Achieving Goals organization in St. John the Baptist Parish in collaboration with our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the New Orleans Golden Eagles [NOGE], the local chapter of the Black Pilots of America, [BPA] a 501[c]3 organization.

The mission of NOGE is:
  • To educate young men and women in aviation by training youth in skill-related programs that empower them to deliver the highest quality of experience to fill the aviation workforce of the future and to soar  to new heights
The mission of the BPA is:
  • To train youth to participate and advance in various types of employment within the field of aviation
  • To stimulate and encourage broader job opportunities for under privileged youth in all phases of aviation
  • To encourage youth to enter the field of aviation and to remain in school by showing films and lecturing in schools on opportunities in the field of aviation


Paul Green is a resident of St. John the Baptist Parish, a 1986 graduate of East St. John High School, a Navy Veteran, and an Aviator who for the past 23 years has been employed by Fedex as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. 

It is his vision and mission to promote aviation in his home parish via an Aviation Awareness Day in order to educate young men and women and introduce them to diverse professional opportunities within S.T.E.M. including fields such as Air Traffic Controller, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Piloting, and more. He is also deeply motivated by an understanding of the value of exposing youth early on in life to professional opportunities and inspiring role models.   Paul is also the founder of Guys Achieving Goals