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PRESS RELEASE: October 12, 2016

Avocado Market Very Week, Trinity Fresh out of stock


Industry supplies will be tight for at least another two weeks. This is a result of the lack of fruit coming out of Mexico and the California season coming to an end sooner than expected. Peru's season will be coming to an end sometime in mid-September. Mexico simply does not have the volume to pick up what we are losing out of California until their normal crop is mature enough for harvesting. Mexico will soon be the only supplier for the US and demand is heavily outpacing supply. We are also starting to see a shift in the size coming out of Mexico due to the rain over the past few weeks, as we are seeing less small fruit and a higher percentage of 48's and larger. Currently avocado prices are up about 50% from last years costs and demand is still there. 

We are currently doing everything we can to minimize the impact to your business but it is very likely that we will be out of avocados at various time throughout the next few weeks. Please be prepared to take them off of your menu or offer other alternatives. 

Please also see this news article from The Packer concerning the avocado market: http://www.thepacker.com/news/avocado-prices-continue-high