Don't Settle for the Home-Made Look 
Part Three
Welcome to part three of this continuing series of tips and techniques on how to avoid the "Home-Made" look in your sewing projects. 

Pressing Tips: 
Most home sewers know the importance of pressing all the seam open or to one side. They know that pressing will help with the look and quality of the finished garment if it's done correctly and at the right time in the construction process. Two things that are essential to achieving the best press are: A quality iron and wooden pressing tools. The iron should be heavier than the standard household iron and it should deliver a lot of steam on demand. The wooden pressing tools are a staple item for tailors and have been for decades, however many sewing hobbyists  have never heard of them and/or don't know why they should use them.

Three wooden pressing tools I would not be without are: a Clapper, a Point Presser and a Seam Stick. The purpose of a clapper and a point presser are to get the flattest, sharpest press possible. These tools are made of hard wood and therefore they absorb the moisture from steam pressing and cause the fabric to be even flatter than just pressing. Flattening seams makes topstitching a breeze and allows bulky seams to be crossed and stitched easily. The Seam Stick has the added convenience that allows you to press open a seam that is in the round, such as a sleeve or pant leg without disturbing or creasing the rest of the garment.

Happy Holiday Sewing!!
Janet Pray

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