Don't Settle for the Home-Made Look 
Part Two
Welcome to part two of this continuing series of tips and techniques on how to avoid the "Home-Made" look in your sewing projects. This week we are exploring the important use of topstitching. This application is often omitted by home-sewers even when it's in the directions of the pattern guide. I think it may be left out by those who are afraid they won't achieve an even stitching line. If that's you, take hear! It's easier than you think, when you have the correct ergonomics at the machine and a few helpful tips.

Topstitching Tips: 
Topstitching is an important aspect of most quality garments. It preforms three important functions in creating top-notch looking clothes. 1. It flattens down seams and keeps them in place so they always looks clean and professional. 2. It adds that "special touch" of finishing that deletes the Home-Made look and elevates it to a high-end product. 3.Topstitching also strengthens a seam and creates a longer lasting garment.

Remember to use a stitch length that allows the stitches to set on the top of the fabric so it looks professional, often 3 to 4 mm is best. Take the time to do some testing using different types and colors of thread as well as stitch lengths. I have often been surprised by the results of the testing and always pleased with the end product.

Happy Holiday Sewing!!
Janet Pray

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