November 2014 Newsletter
The Duluth Model:
International Prize for Best Policy Worldwide
The Domestic Violence Council has modeled their work after the Duluth Model for years. It is important to have a community wide coordinated response team (CRT) in Douglas County that comes together to advocate for victim safety and offender accountability. The CRT is made up of local nonprofits, law enforcement, shelters, advocacy organizations and health professionals. We are proud that we are utilizing an award winning model in Douglas County. This year, the Duluth Model won the International Prize for Best Policy Worldwide. Omaha will continue to model itself after Duluth and work towards victim safety and offender accountability together. See the news flash regarding the award below. 

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More information on "the Duluth Model", the award and the other winning policies can be found at: and
Board Member Feature
Jim Sousley

My name is Jim Sousley and I'm the Treasurer and board member for the DVC. As a member of our community, I am interested in the issue of domestic violence. I feel it's such a complex, misunderstood, and often hidden problem that it may take every member of our community in order to seek a solution. The physical, psychological, economical, and social factors converge to create a predicament that can only be address through the expertise of many. The DVC works to create that collaboration.


The survivors of domestic abuse aren't the only ones benefiting from the work of the DVC. The survivor's children, the children who go to school with abused children, businesses, the heathcare system, and society as a whole benefit. I'm grateful for their efforts and proud to contribute. All of us are better off if everyone in our community have access to the resources to keep them safe. 

Sharing Success:
Probation Office

Douglas County Probation has specialized Officers

that handle domestic violence cases, as well as a Victim Specialist who works with victims throughout probation and beyond to help enhance safety and, where possible, help the victim's voice be heard in court. Lisa Comstock, one of Probation's Presentence Investigation Officers, recently completed a domestic violence PSI on a case involving a felony violation of protection order.  The victim requested to meet and Lisa had Chief Deputy Beth McQueen join them.  We quickly ascertained that she had speech issues that made effective communication difficult, and we spent hours trying to understand her wishes for sentencing and ensure her understanding of the court process and possible outcomes.  She was very confused and has spent much of her life being manipulated and abused by both individuals and the system.  We were concerned that she would be left without adequate resources after sentencing.


Read the rest of this success story here. 

Letter from the 
Executive Director

I am so proud of our community and the CRT. It's not easy work but each CRT partner is very committed to improving the quality of the services provided to survivors and offenders, whether the services are public, private or non-profit. This also includes the DVC. Thank you to everyone who completed a survey on our own performance last month; this allows us to continually improve our agency, our work and our commitment to ending domestic violence in Douglas County.

Although it seems to have hit us early this year, enjoy the coming of winter and the holidays. We're thankful to have you with us.



Tara L. Muir, JD
Executive Director
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