Baseball is back!
That means BBQ season is upon us! 
Join us this weekend, April 8-10th as we 
welcome  home the  Mariners  back to the Northwest.
Bring home that ballpark atmosphere with burgers, dogs, 
brats  and  smoked sausages! (Maybe even a little sauerkraut)

Fresh Bratwurst, Garlic Sausages and Italian Links 
will be on special for $4.99/lb!

What makes our burger better? 
We grind our burger every morning, using fresh cut trimmings from our  New York Strips, Ribeyes, Tenderloins, Tri-Tips, Chuck, Round and Sirloin. Making sure that we put quality beef into every batch; making burger  that smells like steak when it is cooking and 
every  bite will be  tender, tasty, and juicy!
Blue Cheese Patties
Making a return this weekend - our famous Blue Cheese burger patties! Made with our House Grind lean Ground Beef and crumbled blue cheese, this patty is sure to pack a flavorful punch to anyone's palate.  
Fresh! Wild! Halibut!
With all this BBQ weather, don't forget that we have the freshest Seafood around. Right now our Halibut is to die for. Here's an easy recipe from our friends over  at Food Network that is 
simple and delicious. 
Click the link below to check 
out this delicious recipe:
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