Weekly Update Week 5.13-5.19.18
Hi BA56 Parents,

As most of you already know, this Sunday 5/20 will be my last day at Hopewell. I have absolutely enjoyed working with all of your children/tweens and partnering with you their parents over the many years! It is truly bittersweet as I say goodbye and leave Hopewell to follow God's new opportunity for me. I will miss the people/family I have come to know at Hopewell!

Thanks for playing such a big part in my story here at Hopewell. 

**Remember to  SIGN YOUR TWEEN UP FOR HOPEWELL SUMMER CAMP ! The weeks this year are Kids Camp from August 13-17 for kids who have completed grades 2-5, and Jr. High Camp from July 16-20 for kids who have completed grades 6-8. Please be sure to ask if you have any questions!

**Our next BA56 Wednesday Night is THIS Wednesday 5/16 from 6:30-8:30 pm . Hope to see lots of tweens out that night!**

Sunday, the tweens had another great lesson on Honesty, the bottom line for the morning was-
 When you're not truthful, you hurt others. Please be sure to talk to them about what they learned. 
So I’ve started this blog post like 14 different ways (not exaggerating). It just might be the most challenging one yet. Once you know what it’s about maybe you’ll understand why.
I’ve been told there are 936 weeks in the life of a child from birth to 18. We have a visual for those weeks here at Parent Cue in the form of a jar filled with 936 marbles. The idea is that when you count the weeks you have left with a kid, you stand a better chance of making your weeks count.  As you take one marble out of the jar each week, the marbles begin going down, you see what you have left… you get the idea.
I have 3 kids and the jar of my first-born has 4 marbles in it.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Four marbles.
A cap and gown.
A prom tux.
Graduation announcements . . .
All reminders that there’s not much time left before the infant that entered my home 18 years ago will soon be leaving as a man.

Have a great week!!