Weekly Update Week 5.27-6.02.18
Hi BA56 Parents,

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy this time with your family!:)

**Our next BA56 Wednesday Night is THIS Wednesday, May 30th from 6:30-8:30 . Hope to see lots of tweens out that night!**

**We will be having a guest speaker from the Hopewell Summer Camp THIS SUNDAY in the NLC - Your student won't want to miss it!

**Remember to  SIGN YOUR TWEEN UP FOR HOPEWELL SUMMER CAMP ! The weeks this year are Kids Camp from August 13-17 for kids who have completed grades 2-5, and Jr. High Camp from July 16-20 for kids who have completed grades 6-8. Please be sure to ask if you have any questions!
By Carlos Whittaker
I’ve heard it said that life is sprinting past us. I used to believe that. Until one day I stopped to look at a roly poly on the ground with my 4-year-old son. He was absolutely mesmerized by this thing. And I was mesmerized by him being mesmerized. I remember almost walking right by him to continue with some important grown up task. “DAD! LOOK! YOU HAVE TO LOOK!” So I got down on my belly, eye-level with that tiny insect. I was suddenly floored. Every single time my son touched that thing; it would roll into the most perfect circle I had ever seen. We lay on our bellies for almost 25 minutes playing with that thing. When I got up, I was all but ready to become president of the World Roly Poly Association. It was that amazing. A ROLY POLY!
It was then that I realized the statement my generation loved to spit out, “Life is sprinting past us.” was wrong. We were actually sprinting past life. And, that was the day I decided to stop and live and be more intentional with them moments we have together as a family . . .

See you all this Sunday!:)