Weekly Update Week 6.24-6.30.18
Hi BA56 Parents,

We enjoyed having many of you at the MOVE UP dinner this past Wednesday evening! Thanks to all of you who made it happen! Remember, we DO NOT have BA56 Wednesday Nite until July 18th - Next week we are not meeting due to the 4th. When we meet on the 18th, prepare to get MESSY with our annual water night - Details coming your way in the upcoming weeks!

*This past Sunday the BA56 class learned about Elijah and the alter! Talk with your student about a time when they (or you) have faced an impossible situation, and what God has done! Remember, we pray to the same God that Elijah did!

**Don't forget to sign your student up for the Hopewell Camp this summer! Kids who have completed grades 2-5 will go from August 13-17, and kids who have completed grades 6-8, will go from July 16-20. **

By Sarah Anderson
For a lot of parents, and for a lot of kids, drive time is a necessary evil we have to endure before arriving at our final destination: the grandparents house, the soccer game, the carpool line, the grocery store, church, or wherever else. But drive time can become an opportunity when we infuse meaning into the every day moments we have with our kids.
When you think about it, time in the car is packed full of potential. You are literally stuck in the same space with your kids as you drive from point A to point B. But this doesn’t have to be a death sentence. In fact, if you turn down the radio, turn off the DVD player, and use it as a time to connect with your kids, you may find yourself wishing for more . . .

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Have a wonderful week and I'll see you on Sunday!