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Looking to enhance your PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, or BBj application with ease?


Barista Application Framework is your answer, the robust and rapid application development tool. 


To help you learn this tool and get up to speed quickly, we are offering a bundled training opportunity of 5 days for the price of 4; 3 days of Barista Basic + 2 days of Barista Advanced.


Take advantage of this "5 for 4" offer by taking Barista Basic in the comfort of your own office on March 18, 20, and 22 in our web-based class. Then attend Barista Advanced in a traditional classroom setting in Las Vegas on May 16-17, following TechCon2013. At $395 per day, this offer translates to a savings of $395!


Simply register for the March course and then register for the Barista Advanced class, at which time we will apply the "5 for 4" savings to your invoice. (Preferred Partners qualify for free BASIS for more information about becoming a Preferred Partner)  


If you need convincing that Barista will do the job, take a peek at some highlights in the recent BASIS Advantage e-zine -

Also, be sure to view the Java Break Barista Perks With No Effort and the handy guides DocOut Tutorial and DocOut Wrapper.

Barista may just be the beginning of the new BASIS tools and features that you will benefit from. Join us prior to the Barista Advanced class at TechCon2013 to learn about and be wowed by the latest advances. And if you register for TechCon before April 1, you qualify for an early discount. 


 Develop Once, Click-Tap Everywhere!

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View and subscribe to our brand new BASIS YouTube channel, with enhanced features and modern graphics for the corporate subscriber.


Download BBj today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.


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