Summer is here! Woohoo! Well, not officially but it's just around the corner. I hope you are as excited as I am. This newsletter shares great tips for entertaining outdoors during these warm summer months.


In spirit of Mother's Day this past Sunday, I would also like to take the time out to show appreciation to my mother who was very influential in my career path. I grew up with furniture pieces from all over the world. She exposed me to great furniture, antiques and what it really means to have individual style in your home.






Below I have shared pictures of my stylish, fashionista Mother and her fabulous encounters with home fashions! 


 Mom Shopping

My Mom shopping for art work at a store in Indonesia in 2009.



Mom Posing Mom Posing 3

Left: My Mother in front of a rug from North Africa which she used as wall decor during 1991 . Right: My Mother at the sea of Galilee in Israel in 2001. 




My Mother & I during the 80's. 




BBQ FEVER! It's warm out and most of you will start grilling and entertaining outside now. Here are a few creative ideas for your outdoor entertaining needs.



A metal ice bucket along with some ice is a great way to display beverages. Not to mention, a great dispenser with ice! Those two are great options for serving drinks this summer!  



Drink Wear

Get creative & colorful with your glass wear. 



 Serving Trays


Serve your guests with these awesome trays and use them as a center display for your table too! Add your plates, glass wear and some candles, and you now have a functional decorative piece.  


Candles & Lighting


You must know by now how much I love candles and lighting. It's essential to creating a distinct ambiance. So take your pick of tea lights, hurricane lanterns, pendants or string lights.  


Place Mats


Place mats are a great way for you to add color and personality to your outdoor entertaining experience. You can literally use ANYTHING for your placemat. Think out of the box! How about using a round bamboo place mat or possibly a square plastic mat? Better yet, how about using an over-sized plate with a cool graphic as a place mat? Endless possibilities!  




Use a variety of plates and bowls when you are entertaining outside! Whatever you do, don't use paper plates! There are lots of hard plastic plates to choose from. They are more cost-effective in the long run because you get to reuse them. They are more earth-friendly and, not to mention, they look more pleasing. Mix and match colors. Use some of what you already have and some new ones. Old with new always makes for a great look!




It's that time of the year folks! What is? Grilling time! The time when the men would gladly participate in food preparation! As I have been shopping for items for my projects, I have come across some pretty cool and awesome grills that are a bit unconventional-not the type that you can easily find in every appliance store. So remember: It's your house, your backyard, your burger! Go ahead and get funky with it!


As everyone will be doing a lot of entertaining these warm weather months, I am going to share a few curb appeal tricks that would create a lasting first impression on your guest. Not to mention, it is the time of year when many homes are on the market. So whether you are moving or staying right where you are, below are a few great tips to get that curb appeal up to par!



Make sure your front door is a great reflection of the rest of your home. There are so many options and varieties of doors available. Select one that suits you and your home.




Hedges, bushes and annuals are essential when creating great curb appeal. There are a myriad of options! Try to focus on the size of your entry-way along with the style of your home. Focusing on those key items would direct you to a style and type of foliage needed to welcome your guest awesomeness.





You have a lot of options when creating your walkway- brick, cement, stone, gravel and the likes. You just have to figure out how this certain element would tie in with the overall feel of your home. If you are putting your home on the market, don't forget to pay attention to your neighborhood. You definitely do not want your house to look like your neighbor's house. You would want it to show individuality and that would be the reason why buyers should purchase it over others.





You can definitely play around a little when choosing your lighting because it doesn't have to be a permanent fixture like your walkway. You would want to choose a lighting fixture that could brighten up your entrance area. On top of that, the actual lighting fixture should have another purpose as a decorative piece even if the light is turned off. Here are a few selections.





Selling your home and you need help staging it? 

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In light of awesome curb appeal ideas (pun intended), I decided to share some unique porch lighting ideas. The front of your home sets the tone. It's where your guest creates an impression of the rest of your abode, and how it reflects who you are. So make sure that the personality of your home extends to everything including lighting. Be creative. There are hundreds of lighting options out there that it would be ridiculous if you choose something similar to what your neighbor has.

Me 3 

More than an Interior Designer, I am an ambiance creator and an atmosphere provider. Think of me as a fashion stylist for your HOME! I create spaces based on my client's personality and lifestyle. I can give you that high-end designer look, or that effortless, "you did it yourself" finish. Either way, by creating an atmosphere which brings to life your essence and personality, I style not just to create a nice looking living space but also to provide a life-changing experience that enhances your quality of life.

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"Metro Nursery Design"
Baby Lifetsyles Magazine will be featuring me and a nursery I just recently completed! I am very excited about it. I decided to give my viewers a sneak peek of the nursery. You will better appreciate the article when it come out!
Promise :)

Young couple (early 30's) with 9mth old baby, family planning to possibly have another child. No storage in the room, needs room to function for taking care of the baby, storing baby necessities & an area for baby to play & have fun!

I created a non-gender specific color palette with  the use of these colors. That pop of coral is what drives this room to be suitable for BOY or GIRL!

This is a furniture & space plan rendering of the room. I created Three specific areas.
1. Baby Care Area (wall w/ crib)
2. Baby Storage Area (wardrobe wall)
3. Play Area (wall w/ cubby holes)
1. Baby Care Area
This is the actual room finished & completed with accessories and lighting.

2. Baby Storage Area
I added additional storage behind the bedroom door. Many people forget about that space, but you can use it as storage as long as you make it "fashionable storage"

3. Baby Play Area
Under-cab lighting, storage bins with books & toys as accessories creates a space for storage, play, with a great display!

(Above: Me, working the room!)

 Click HERE to see more picks of this nursery...

******************STILL CONFUSED?*****************
Haven't figured out if this room is for a BOY or Girl? Stay tuned for my feature from BABY LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE to find out!