Notes from Ms. Dahnke

The Drought

Coming back from last summer's drought has been a difficult journey for all things green and leafy. Have you noticed the number of weeds in your driveway, lawn, and flowerbeds? It seems that they have come back ten-fold, unlike the grass. We are finally starting to see green where the lawn has been brown, muddy, and lifeless. The rains, especially these past two weeks, have done an amazing job of brightening up the brown and replacing it with green. The rains have replenished the earth with much-needed life-giving water. The National Weather Service has announced that we are no longer considered to be in a drought.

The drought and my lawn remind me of our Christian walk. We go along for awhile thinking that we have it altogether. We pray, we read the Bible, and we go to church but we are like the sprinkler to the lawn. We are only touching the surface and nothing is going down deep. Soon, we quit sprinkling because it is just too much work and does not seem to be making a difference anyway.  Before you know it, our lives become brown, dull, and lifeless. We say we love the Lord but underneath, we really do not have time to make Him our main focus because we are so busy and too involved in what is happening in our own lives.  

Needless to say, if we do not continue to water our faith by reading and praying, pretty soon, it will dry up just like the grass and flowers of last summer. God did not create us to be self-sufficient relying only on our own strength. He created us to need Him and to need each other to grow and bloom and to make our roots grow deeper and deeper. If you have ever seen a palm tree in a hurricane, it does not usually stand because it lacks a strong root system. Likewise, if you have ever watched someone with shallow roots in God run into any issues, you will notice that he or she will not be able to stand by him/herself for very long, either.  

Recently, we had a sermon in church that talked about the importance of reading the Bible, getting involved with community, and praying several times a day. I think that most of you could say you had a similar sermon, too. All of this fills up our tank, or our water barrel, so to speak.  If it drains dry, we feel left all alone to deal with all of life's ups and downs. If we keep it full, or at least work on refilling it, we will find that we have more hope, more peace, more patience, and just are more joyful because we know that God will supply what we need and will keep us growing.

How is your personal garden doing? Does it need watering? Is it brown or is it a brilliant, thick green? Is it full of weeds in the cracks? Let God be a part of your life and see what he can make of it. He will never fail you or forsake you and He will always be there to help you through any drought.
Thank You    
A huge thank you to all those who helped set up, host, and clean up after the "Dancing Through the Decades" dance last Friday. It was well-attended and everyone seemed to have fun! If you missed it, we will see you next year. A list of helpers would only leave a few of you out, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this such a fun event. We really appreciate all you did!

NWEA Testing Continues
Students will continue taking the spring NWEA test during the next week. After this test, you will receive test scores from the fall and the spring so you can identify growth and also any strengths and weaknesses that may need to be addressed over the summer. Please make sure your student is well rested and arrives to school on time.  

Next week's schedule is as follows:
Mon., May 1 - 6th (Language and Math), 7th (Math), F. Streufert (Math)
Tues., May 2 - 6th (Reading), 7th (Language and Reading), 8th (Language)
Wed., May 3 - 8th (Reading). Make-ups

National Day of Prayer - May 4
You are invited to join all BCA faculty, staff and students as we observe National Day of Prayer on Thurs., May 4. We will begin at 8:20 a.m. (following morning announcements) at the flagpole. Mr. Ed Silva will lead the songs with guitar. Please be in prayer throughout this day for our neighbors, our communities, our schools, our country, our government, our first respondents/servicemen and women and one another! If it is raining, we will go to the gym.
Everyone is welcome to join us for our chapel service on Wednesday, May 3, at 8:30 a.m. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Pastor Hildebrandt from Cross of Christ Lutheran Church will be leading this service. Our 4th quarter chapel offerings will go to Bridge Community Church.
We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following students:
4/29 - Chase Hanon (PK2)
5/1 - Brenna Goldstein (K)
Spring Sports Awards  - May 11 
The 2017 Spring Sports Awards Ceremony will be held Thurs., May 11 at 6 p.m. in the BCA cafeteria to honor our students who participated in basketball and track. Please bring a fast food dinner for your family. We will provide cake for dessert.

Track Team News 
Congratulations to all our boys and girls that participated in the track season this year.  Everyone worked very hard and we especially appreciate Coaches Charlie and Charlotte Bastnagel.  We had a few athletes that were selected for the championships next week.  The elementary meet is at CCS at 4:15pm on Monday. The middle school meet is at CCS at 4:15pm on Tuesday.  This meet will include all teams (14) who are in the ISC league and will be the biggest meet of the year.  We wish all of you the best! Way to go!

Elementary School Qualifiers
  • Edith McCall, 3rd grade - 600 meters - Time 2:22    
  • Briana Jackson, 4th grade - 50 meters, Time 8.5 sec.; 100 meters, Time 17.2
  • Simon Bastnagel, 5th grade - 50 meters, Time 7.6 sec.; 100 meters, Time 15.4 sec.
  • Nathan Mefford, 4th grade - 600 meters, Time 2:19                                                                                                        
Middle School Qualifiers                                                                                                                                            
  • Gabbi Beck, 7th grade -  800 meters, Time 3:05                  
  • Micah Bean, 8th grade -  High jump, 4' 6"; Shotput - 28' 4"
  • Xander Bastnagel, 8th grade - 800 meters, Time 2:26; High jump, 5' 2"       
Summer Camp News from Mrs. Angela Meyer
K - 8th Summer Camp registration forms are available HERE or in the front lobby. Contact Mrs. Angela at 423.619.5181 for more information. Deadline for discounted pricing is May 1. 
Mon., May 1 - BBQ Meatballs, Tator Tots, Corn, Peaches
Tues., May 2 -  Chicken Pot Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Fruit
Wed., May 3 - Hamburger, Chips, Cucumbers, Fruit Cocktail
Thurs., May 4 - Fish Sticks, Baked Beans, Orange
Fri., May 5 - Mexican Pizza, Salad, Fruit

May 3 -  last day of NWEA testing for K - 8th grades - test times/dates vary by class - see schedule above.

May 4 - National Day of Prayer  

May 3 - 5 - 4th grade trip to River Ridge

May 11 - Spring Sports Award Night - 6 p.m. in cafeteria - Basketball and Track awards

May 12 - 8th grade banquet at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 6:30 p.m.

May 17 - 19 - 7th and 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.

May 23 - PK4 Graduation - 9 a.m. in BCA gym

May 24 - 8th grade graduation - 7 p.m. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 

May 25 - School-wide cook-out and fun day!

May 26 - Last day of school - dismissal at 11:30 for K - 8th (open until 6 p.m. for all child care) 

May 29 - BCA child care closed for Memorial Day

May 30 - Summer camp begins for all ages (through Aug. 11)