Office of the President
Bali Cultural Association - USA
October 13 2016

Dear Members

I am pleased to announce the 2017 BCA-USA Convention Planning Committee. The committee will oversee planning of the BCA-USA Annual National Convention which will take place in Atlanta, GA in May 2017. Ma Esona Fomuso and her team, working in collaboration with the National Executive, had long secured a a great venue (Atlanta Marriott Airport Hotel) for our 2017 Convention. The venue is located close to the world's busiest airport (Atlanta International Airport - ATL) and provides free shuttle 24/7 to and from the airport  - as well as FREE Parking for all delegates attending the convention ($20 savings per day).  The four star hotel blends comfort and luxury. We have secured great discounted rates for our convention delegates ($99/night vs $219).
The immediate task of this committee is to determine the rates of the various convention packages. These will also be communicated to you in due time, so that you can start planning accordingly. The long term goal of the committee is to coordinate and successfully implement all logistical tasks involved in planning and hosting the annual convention. We are also pleased to note that the blueprint for convention planning process and event hosting developed based on your valuable feedback from past conventions, has been adopted and will be utilized in guiding the work of the committee. Oklahoma 2016 set the standard for convention excellence and I am confident that Atlanta (birthplace of BCA-USA) will not only meet this standard, but may as well surpass it. 

To maintain continuity through the 2018 and 2019 conventions and accelerate the learning curve for using the Convention Blueprints, we will also be including members from Dallas and Minnesota to work on the 2017 Convention Planning Committee. 
Here are the members: 

2017 Convention Planning Committee

1. Ma Esona Fomuso - Southern Chapter (Atlanta) President
2. Ma Kehmia Tangeh - National Events Coordinator and PR

Committee Members

BCA Executives
Ni George Fongod
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Yeti Tuma
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ni Jean Rene Tchoksi
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ba Tanyi Gana Fokum
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Beauty Sama
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Kuna Njowirr
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ni Joe Fongod
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Nams Lima
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Loveline Tita
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ni George Dangoh
Southern Chapter (Atlanta)
Ma Marie Nangah
Fundraising Committee Chair
Ma Lilian Fokwang
Publications Committee Chair
Ni Samkeah Titanji
Culture Committee Chair
Ma Lillian Fomunung
Social and Awards Committee Chair
Ma Eveline Gwaabe
Membership Committee Chair
Ni Nubia Kaba
Health Committee Chair
Ma Vanessa Njinjoh
Youth President
Ma Diomira Gabice
Youth Vice-President
Ni Divine Kuja
Northern Texas (Dallas) Chapter President
Ma Candice Ngwa
Dallas Chapter
Ma Lusia Fomuso
Dallas Chapter
Ni Sama Jangha
OKC Chapter President and 2016 CPC Chair
Ni Patrick Nyuga
Northern (Minnesota) Chapter President
Ma Bola Pendie
Northern Chapter

Southern Chapter has also appointed the following chapter members to lead specific sub-committers and/or work with the respective national committees for the convention
·         Culture: Ba Tanyi Gana Fokum, Ba Nkom Lima, Ba Fobesi
·         Social & Awards: Ma Lilian Fomunung (National Chair and located in Atlanta)
·         Health: Ma Yeti Tuma, Ni Christian Sama, Ma Beauty Sama
·         Fundraising: Ni Jean Rene, Ma Kuna Njowir, Ni George Fongod, Ba Fogam
·         Publicity: Ma Linda Fokum, Ma Loveline Tita, Ni Gana Fokum, Ba Nkom Lima
·         BBQ for Monday: Ma Kuna, Ma Esona Fomuso, Ni Joe Fongod, Ni Jean Rene

I encourage you to lend your support to these women and men, who from now on will be meeting on a regular basis until the convention to ensure that we all have a successful and enjoyable celebration. It is a tremendous sacrifice, and I applaud their willingness to serve our association, and our community at large

Thank you.
Clarence Ndangam
President, BCA USA