Michelle Tierney, Jonathan Escobar, Dr. Steven Ontiveros, Zak Oddone,
Zackery Cady, and Joseph Iglesias
Foundations in Biomedical Science Students Hold Community Health Fair
The event was part of the curriculum for the Medical Ethics and Professionalism course taught by Dr. Steven Ontiveros, Ph.D., M.B.A. Students created their own informational booths on health-related topics ranging from prenatal care to energy drink awareness.
BCOM Names New Department Chair & Associate Dean
Dr. Miriam Donohue has been appointed as the new Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and Dr. Nancy Minugh-Purvis as the Associate Dean of Graduate Education.

Meet Josephine Seymour
Josephine Seymour, a renowned Native American pottery artist from Laguna Pueblo, is creating a custom Olla pot reflecting BCOM's multicultural mission and values. Watch this video for a special message from Josephine and stay tuned this spring for the full story and final reveal of the completed pot.

Students Launch Internal Medicine & Cardiology Club
The new club recently held its first clinical skills lab during which they practiced peripheral blood draws, intubation, and ultrasound assessment.
Get To Know BCOM Student Michael Davis
Think you've seen a celebrity walking around campus? Find out who Michael is regularly mistaken for and how he hopes to make an impact in the "Land of Enchantment."

BCOM Through the Eyes of Children
Brighten your day with these thank you letters sent to BCOM from Picacho Middle School students who recently toured the campus.

Brett Plays Basketball!
Check out Brett the Bear's public debut at the NMSU Men's Basketball halftime Mascot Madness Game!

First Year Residents Share Insight, Advice, and Lessons Learned with BCOM Students

Dr. Matthew Justus, DO, and Dr. Spencer Peterson, DO, are residents in the newly established Traditional Rotation Internship (TRI) program at MountainView Regional Medical Center. Both have military service requirements to complete after they finish the one-year TRI program and both plan on going into pediatrics. They graciously took time from their busy schedules to answer some of the BCOM students’ questions.

In your experience, what makes a competitive applicant for a residency position?

MS: I had good board scores. That helps a lot. I like to think I'm a personable person, so that helps in the interview process. Ultimately though, I think it’s about what you can put on your resume that pops. For me, I played Division 2 basketball. Having something to talk about really helps.

SP: Boards are a big deal. GPA is a big deal. Those are going to make or break you.

How important are community service and volunteering?

MS: It matters, but the feedback I've received is that it matters more how well you can explain why you're doing it. Just doing it to say you fed the homeless isn’t going to cut it if you don’t have any passion or reasoning behind it. A lot of my volunteer work wasn’t typical. I did Osteopathic Finish Line. I would help treat athletes after races with Osteopathic medicine and manipulation. I got to do something I love and people get to feel better out of it. You have to have something to show how you give your time, but it’s better to have a few meaningful activities rather than a list of 20 things that you can’t explain why you did.

If you could go back to medical school, what would you do differently?

SP: You have to study in a way that helps you pass all your tests, but study it too in a way that will help you remember it longer term for your career. It will be of great benefit if you can organize very nicely all your lectures and notes. It can be used as a decent reference post medical school—if you’ve organized it and made it accessible. Occasionally you'll be out there and think, “I remember studying this in medical school and I know I had a great lecture on it, but I can't find those notes.” You can find other sources, but sometimes those notes will be helpful.

BCOM Beats
Free MCAT Prep Course Webcast
Know someone interested in going to medical school? Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity. Click HERE for all the details.

Mindfulness & Gratitude
Need some Zen in your life? Check out this MESSAGE from the new BCOM Mental Health Task Force.

BCOM Health Services Library to Host Training on Feb. 17
This FREE OPPORTUNITY is open to anyone hoping to improve their ability to access health and medical info. 
Student Pop Quiz of the Month!
Answer the FEBRUARY POP QUIZ courtesy of Associate Professor of Pathology Dr. Richard Selinfreund for your chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card!
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