Dear Students, Parents, Teachers & Friends of Education,

AdvancED Review Team

On March 12-15, 2017, a six member AdvancED accreditation review team visited the Barrow County School System. The team interviewed the Superintendent and all nine Board of Education members, as well as district and school administrators, instructional staff, support staff, parent and community members, and students. In all, 266 stakeholders participated in interviews. The purpose of the review was to determine the extent to which the school system met the organization's five standards for a quality school system (Purpose and Direction; Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Assessing for Learning; Resources and Support Systems, and Using Results for Continuous Improvement). Within the five standards, the review team evaluated system performance on 35 indicators. 

The reviewing team made note of two improvement priorities. The first improvement priority was to "provide equitable and challenging educational experiences to ensure that all students develop the learning, thinking, and life skills needed to meet high expectations." The second improvement priority was to "establish protocols for the evaluation, interpretation, and use of data; train all system and school members in the effective use of the protocols; and ensure that the data are being used to inform instructional practices." School systems receive accreditation for a five year period. Systems are required to report on progress related to improvement priorities within two and a half years. The AdvancED review team unanimously approved the Barrow County School System for re-accreditation. They recognized the school system for the following powerful practice: "The Board of Education and Superintendent have BOLDly defined and articulated the vision and direction for the Barrow County School System." Pictured above L-R:  Erin Davis, Dr. Michael Lodico, Meggan Marshall, Judy Forbes, Wendy Porter, and Eclan David.

Love of Teaching
Russell Middle teacher Christina Ward talks about being "Boldly Committed to Student Success" and how the ArtsNow program has inspired her teaching. "ArtsNow is an incredible program! ArtsNow has allowed me to take the immediate interest art generates and transfer it to reading and writing skill development. Many of the skills and techniques used to decode or generate a visual image in a graphic novel/movie are the same skills and techniques used to decode or generate a written text. It makes me wonder why integrating drama and art into the reading and writing process isn't more of a common practice in the ELA classroom?! I am amazed by the way this program has motivated me to research and expand my teaching craft already. These techniques are fairly easy to implement and pay dividends for the students."    

The Places We Will Go
Our schools need you! Get involved in School Governance! Charter System Means Local Control of Schools. A key element to being a charter school system means moving decision-making closer to where learning takes place. That means leaving many decisions to the individual school systems and to the schools within the system. It also means involving more people in the decision-making process - involving parents and community leaders, like you, in school decisions. The Barrow County School System values your voice and believes that input from all stakeholder groups leads to better and stronger schools.

How do I get involved? Contact your school principal to express interest and learn more information or complete the attached form and submit it to the front office of the school. Elections usually occur in May or early August!
Click here to apply.                                       
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We welcome your input. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us and share them by clicking on the eNews email link below.

Dr. Chris McMichael

Board Members
Debi Krause
Garey Huff Sr.
Connie Wehunt
Michael Shelley
Lynn Stevens
Rickey Bailey
Suzanne Angle
Rolando Alvarez
Mark Still 


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