BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter    July 1, 2018        Vol. 36 Issue 11

Hello Brewster Day Camp!

A little yin and a little yang is a valuable way to live. The notion transcends across different aspects of life. Students must BALANCE working hard with playing hard. Teachers BALANCE learning time with relaxed time. Parents BALANCE routines with unstructured fun. Summertime activity BALANCES us out after ten months of sitting work! 

Here at Brewster Day Camp, we BALANCE learning with fun, active time with chill time, group activities with individual challenges. This week at BDC, the weather was a healthy BALANCE of chilly rain, dense fog, and warm sunshine!

As we progress into Week #2, I am taking a moment and be intentional about the BALANCE in my life. This Friday's Special Event Day is Grad-titude Day where we focus on the simple act of being grateful for all that we have and those that inspire us to be our best selves. Take a moment this week to remind yourself of the people who inspire you to keep moving and also the people who inspire you to take time to breathe. How will you BALANCE your life this week?

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Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS:  Not yet enrolled? Call 508-896-6555 or email us  here. We'll do our best to squeeze your family into BDC's best yet!

Sailors Hill staff takes a moment to get BALANCED during training week at camp!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."  
                                                                                          ~  Albert Einstein
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BDC This Week #2: July 2nd-July 6th

1. This Friday is GRAD-TITUDE DAY! We will be celebrating qualities of people who have come before us and will come after us, who encompass the qualities of Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!

2. EXTRAS: Semi-Private Swim, Sailing School, Horseback Riding, Golf, and SUP. Inquire about EXTRAS at the BDC office!

3. Friday Morning: All camp assembly at Sailors Hill (8:50-9:30) for K-8th Graders. 
Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill (9:30-10:00).

4. Friday Afternoon: Player's Performance at Admirals Hill Assembly followed by a Popsicle. Please join us!


- BDC is a ALLERGY AWARE camp. If your camper has a food allergy, please let us know! We are eager to create a plan with you for your child's health and wellbeing here at camp!

-If your camper has any special dietary restrictions, please provide them with additional snacks from home. This is the best way to keep them healthy (and well fed) at camp.

- Family Swim Guests: THANK YOU for continuing to park in the BDC PARKING LOT beginning at 5:00pm when Family Swim begins. 

-The church parking lot next door is unavailable for camper drop-off, pick-up, and parking (during the camp day or for family swim) for camp families this summer. Thanks (in advance) for helping us be a good neighbor to CCBA Church this season!

BDC Sailing School in action!


Add more fun to your camper's schedule with BDC EXTRAS! For enrolled campers AND their visiting friends and family members, BDC EXTRAS offers multiple ways to enrich your time at camp. 

For more information about our  BDC Sailing School, Semi Private Lessons (swim, golf, tennis, horseback riding & standup paddle boarding),  Water Wizz Trips, and BDC After Dark,  go here for more info!

  These BDC campers BALANCE pastels 
with neons at art.
This Mariners Hill camper BALANCES fun and learning at LEAPin!
Are you or someone you know an artist? We are looking to finalize our visiting artists for Creative Arts Day which is on Friday morning of July 13th. If you would like to be involved, please contact DAN in the camp office at 508-896-6555, or email him at: Info@brewsterdaycamp.com

BDC After Dark is for campers entering 5th-8th grade. Campers enjoy after camp hours of fun and games! BDC After Dark is on Friday evening at camp during Weeks 4 & 7. To sign up for BDC After Dark email the Camp Office  here

If you have any questions about BDC EXTRAS please call us at 508-896-6555 or email us here

Longtime BDC campers, Luke Wosney and Matt Andon, circa 2012
...and NOW!
Still lifelong friends!


BDC Popcorn is back! Funds raised from popcorn sales go to BDC Camperships. Thanks to our Camper Leaders for organizing and selling BDC popcorn each summer! 
Popcorn is available for purchase from 4:30- 5:00PM, Monday-Friday weather permitting.  Purchase a BDC buck at camp office for $1.  Give your BDC Buck to the Camper Leaders at the popcorn stand as payment.  Enjoy your bag of popcorn in your car on the way home - after you have signed out of camp. Popcorn stays on the parking lot side of the camp fence! Thanks!
This camper is focused and BALANCED at archery.

Campers BALANCE eggs during BDOC's egg drop competition!  
LEAP OUT Head, Jen Monderer, is taking a group of campers to Wild Care this Friday. She kindly suggests that campers bring one or some of the following items to donate:
  • Unflavored Pedialyte or "Pediatric electrolyte"
  • Chicken-flavored Gerber baby food
  • Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Pine Nuts (with shell, or unshelled, unsalted)
  • Frozen fruit- blueberries (we like Wyman's), raspberries, strawberries
  • Frozen vegetables-peas, corn, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Cotton balls (usually found in cosmetic departments)
  • Kleenex tissues (unscented, no lotion)
  • Ziploc bags (large)
  • Large zip ties (6 inches long+)
  • Laundry Detergent - 7th Generation Allergy Free
  • Plain Bleach - No additives. Kills germs 99%
  • Dawn Dish soap - (Blue. Original)
  • White kitchen trash bags
  • Kleenex tissues (unscented, no lotion)
  • Paper towels
  • Dish gloves
  • Plain white vinegar
  • Safety eyewear (like for carpentry)
  • Extension cords
  • "Woodpecker Mix" bird seed (found at Agway)
  • Office Supplies
  • Postal Stamps
  • USB (thumb drives)
  • Post-it notes
  • Pens
(Here are some tips) 
- Pre-Camp Materials and Reminders can be found online   here.
- Remember to send your child's health/immunization forms!
- Camper Expectations: Be FUN, Be KIND, and Be SAFE!
(Read details in the Camper's Guide online  here)
- Questions? Email us here or call us at (508) 896-6555
Our Leadership Team (+Indigo) met in the Winter Office for a day this past June
to plan the incredible summer we are all enjoying now!

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