BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter    July 16, 2017        Vol. 36 Issue 12
Hello Brewster Day Camp!
Camp is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone, try something new, and PARTAKE! In addition to swimming and BASE, we have seven different land activities at BDC. This provides multiple opportunities for campers to PARTAKE in something new and discover new qualities about themselves; what they like, what they don't like, what they fear, what they trust, and so much more. 

This past Friday was Creative Arts Day. Campers PARTOOK in our incredibly extensive library of artistic mediums. Campers enjoyed learning how to see the world through different lens (the new BDC sunglasses helped, too!). Campers learned how to knit, dance, paint, draw, and more! Everyone became an artist at BDC on Friday morning - what a joy to see.

In addition to trying something new, another aspect of PARTAKING is being a part of a group and understanding the dynamics of teamwork. This Friday at camp is Green and White Day. Throughout the week, each activity will unpack the meaning of teamwork. We at BDC believe wholeheartedly in the importance of campers learning to embody all of the qualities of teamwork - so that ultimately they become active citizens of the world.

Speaking of coming together as a community, this Thursday evening, we look forward to our Family Picnic & Swim and potluck dessert. This is followed by our Annual Camper & Staff Talent Show, where campers and counselors PARTAKE in demonstrating unique gifts and share these with our camp family. We hope that your family will join us at 3570 Main Street from 5-6:30pm!

Wherever you are this summer, in what will you TAKE PART this week?

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Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS:  Not yet enrolled or would you like to add more time to your BDC summer schedule?
Call 508-896-6555 or email us 
BDC This Week #4: July 17-21

1. This Friday is GREEN AND WHITE DAY! This is a simple and fun special event day at BDC. Wear your tent color (see below) on Friday and earn green or white beads at all activities! The two teams will work together throughout the day to see which team ( GREEN or WHITE) earns the most beads!

2. Family Picnic, Swim, Potluck Dessert & Talent Show:
Thursday, July 20th from 5-6:30. See below for more details! 

3. BDC After Dark: This Friday night from 5-10:30 pm, campers entering grades 5-8 are invited to sign up for $75 to extend the camp fun into the night. Can't make this one? There are other dates later this summer - see the full camp calendar for details.

4. EXTRAS: Semi-Private Swim, Sailing School, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Golf, and SUP.
Inquire at the BDC office!

5. Friday Morning: All camp assembly at Sailors Hill (8:50-9:30) for K-8th Graders.
Young Children's Program at Admiral Hill Assembly area (9:30-10:00).

6. Friday Afternoon: Player's Performance at Admirals Hill Assembly followed by a Popsicle.
 Please join us  - if you wish - at both morning and afternoon assemblies!

Family Picnic, Swim, Pot Luck Dessert & Talent Show:
This Thursday, July 20th
This Thursday, July 20th , is our Annual Family Picnic/DESSERT POTLUCK and Talent Show. Remember, potluck will be dessert only. Please bring dinner for your family only, as well as any dessert items you wish to share! Join us from 5:00-6:30 for BDC fun. Here are the details:

5:00-6:00 Family swim, family picnics, and dessert potluck. Camper leaders will also be selling popcorn to benefit BDC camperships.

6:00-6:30 The camper/staff talent show.

6:30 All families and campers go home so that our Staff can take our annual photo and meet.

All BDC families are encouraged to attend, including the under five year old camper families in the Young Children's Program. See you then! 
This Friday, July 21st
Wear your COLOR! 

This is a simple and fun special event day at BDC. Wear your tent color (see below) on Friday and earn green or white beads at all activities. The two teams will work together throughout the day to see which team
( GREEN  or  WHITE ) earns the most beads!
Mariners Hill
Green Seahorses and White Sharks= GREEN
Bluefish and Dolphins= WHITE

Sailors Hill
Sprites, Beetle Cats, Javelins=   WHITE
Windjammers,  Hobie Cats , Lasers= GREEN

Admirals Hill
Bay Birds , Thunder, Flying Dutchmen= GREEN
Wiannos, Sandpipers, Lightning= WHITE

The world you acquire and partake in is purely driven by the choices taken.

~Steven Redhead

- If you are dropping off your camper after 8:45am, please bring your camper directly to camp office.
- The scheduled camp day is 8:30am-4:30 p.m. We offer daily complimentary early drop off beginning at 7:30am as well as extended pick up until 5:30pm. From 7:30-8:00am and from 5:00-5:30pm campers will remain with our Camp Paramedic, Emily, relaxing in conversation while resting their busy bodies during these extended hours.

- BDC is a PEANUT AWARE camp. If your camper has a food allergy, please let us know! We are eager to create a plan with you for your child's food consumption at camp!

- Family Swim Guests: THANK YOU for continuing to park in the BDC PARKING LOT beginning at 5:00pm when Family Swim begins. The church parking lot is unavailable for evening parking for BDC Family Swim. 

We encourage campers to PARTAKE in activities that are new and different.


Add more fun to your camper's schedule with BDC EXTRAS! For enrolled campers AND their visiting friends and family members, BDC EXTRAS offers multiple ways to enrich your time at camp. 

For more information about our  BDC Sailing School, Semi Private Lessons (swim, golf, tennis, horseback riding & standup paddle boarding) and  Water Wizz Trips, go here!

BDC After Dark is back by popular demand for campers entering 5th-8th grade. Campers enjoy meeting after camp hours for fun and games! Enjoy a Friday evening at camp during Weeks 4 (this Friday!), 5 & 7. Cost is $75. To sign up for BDC After Dark go here

If you have any questions about BDC EXTRAS please call us at 508-896-6555 or email us here.


Creative Arts Day
A form of self-expression
Messy is the best

BDC's Camper Leader program teaches young adults (rising 9th and 10th graders) leadership and responsibility. CL's provide guidance and help while PARTAKING in various activities throughout camp. We love our CL's and we so appreciate all that they contribute to our camp family! If you would like to know more about the CL program, stop by the office to inquire. Or better yet, purchase a BDC popcorn token for a dollar and go talk to a CL while he or she sells popcorn every afternoon from 4:30-5:00 to raise funds for BDC camper-ships -yet another way the CLs PARTAKE in life at camp!

Lots of exciting things are happening in the Art Tent!
Stop by and see what campers are doing!
Sandpipers Counselor:
Mariah Acquaye: I enjoy Korean dramas.
Sandpipers Counselor:
Rachel Nahirny: I am taking a gap semester and traveling around India for three months.
Flying Dutchmen Counselor:
Cam Webster: This is my second summer working with the Dutchmen.
Flying Dutchmen Counselor: 
Will Davenport: I have a hitchhiker's thumb.
Bay Birds Counselor:
Jen Monderer : In the fall, I went hiking, canoeing, and camping in the Adirondack mountains.
Bay Birds Counselor:
Sage Orvis: I am on a hip hop team at my school.
Wiannos Counselor:
Joni McGinley:  I have ice-skated fourteen years of my life.
Wiannos Counselor:
Isabelle Eastman: I have played violin since I was 9.
Thunder Counselor:
Zander Schmidt: I'm the fourth member of my immediate family to work at BDC.

Thunder Counselor:
Brenden Thayer: I've played on seven different sports teams.

Lightnings Counselor:
Henry Forcier: I have six siblings.
Lightnings Counselor:
Anthony Tan: I have been on 107 airplanes.

(Here are some tips) 
- We hope you have received and read your official BDC Welcome Packet!
- Remember to send your child's health/immunization forms!
- Camper Expectations: Play FULL, FUN, and FAIR! (Read full details in the Camper Handbook)
- Questions? Email us here or call us at (508) 896-6555
The Laser tent group always PARTAKE in BDC fun both on and off campus!

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